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Twitter Update Sets Goal To Be “Best Place To Share Media”

Twitter has announced a multimedia sharing update which, along with another update, makes videos easier to discover and in essence Twitter is moving towards becoming a multimedia sharing platform.

The ad states clearly and unambiguously that its goal is to become “The best place to share mediaExamples of new jobs are posted.

Starting today, any user of the Twitter app can upload up to four videos, photos, and/or GIFs in a single tweet.

This change shares with another important update that adds a video carousel to the exploration feature.

The video circle allows users to discover more videos to watch.

Twitter’s announcement shows that their goal is to transform their platform from a mostly text-based social media destination into more of a multimedia sharing platform.

According to the advertisement:

This update is the latest example of how we’re working to make Twitter the easiest and most convenient place to share photos, videos, and other creative content.

It complements the rollout of two new video products — full-screen videos and a new video carousel in the Explore tab — that help make it easier than ever to find and watch what’s happening on Twitter.”

This update focuses on providing a way for content creators to express themselves while circular video updates help users discover new videos.

Twitter explained:

“Blending different types of visual content together in a single Tweet allows creators to express themselves beyond 280 characters and gives them more ways to tell their story.”

Examples of the new format

Twitter posted examples of innovative new ways to share media and tell a story.

One such example is a file Tweet along Put a picture with a tweet next to each other.

This type of tweet provides the ability to link an image and a video as well as play the video while keeping the layout side by side.

Uploading a photo and video side by side provides the ability to view a video version of an event and visually compare it with a photo of the same event.

They make for a fun and artistic way of viewing media that shows the same event from different perspectives, so to speak.

Here’s another example of a file Along with the photos and video in one tweet:

Screenshot of a Tweet with a photo and video

Big changes to Twitter

Twitter has made many changes to its platforms to encourage monetization for content creators.

But none of these updates caused a fundamental change in the platform itself.

These new updates are significant because they profoundly change what Twitter is, moving from a text-based sharing platform to a multimedia sharing social site.

the quote

Read the Twitter announcement

Serve mixed media: Videos, images, and GIFs all together in a single Tweet

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