Mozilla Open Source AI To Challenge ChatGPT & Bard

Mozilla has announced the creation of an Open Source AI Development Initiative that puts transparency, accountability, and trustworthiness at the forefront of the open source AI products it will build to challenge Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google.

Many of the most important software products that make modern life possible, such as Android, WordPress, PHP, Nginx, and Apache are all open source.

If successful, Mozilla will be at the forefront of changing what the future of AI will look like.

By creating a company that actively creates free and open source AI, they are taking a more active role in challenging big tech companies like OpenAI and Google.

Mozilla has pledged $30 million to develop an alternative to the closed systems developed by big tech companies that put profits first.

Mozilla’s approach, like everything else they build, will be human first.

their new website, explains:

Mozilla has long advocated for a world where AI is more trustworthy, investing in startups, championing laws, and mobilizing the public to focus on human agency and accountability in AI.

We’re now taking the next step: creating a company – and gathering the community – to build a trusted open source ecosystem for AI. “

Mozilla and AI Open Source Goals

Mozilla is a non-profit organization that builds browsers, email clients, VPNs, email privacy apps, and other products that are free, open source, and privacy-first.

Mozilla’s mission statement says that they focus on creating an internet that is people-first, open, free, and accessible.

Mozilla is committed to helping create an Internet that adheres to the following principles:

  • The Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible
  • The security and privacy of individuals online is essential and should not be treated as optional.
  • Individuals should have the power to shape the Internet and their own experiences on it.
  • Free and open source software encourages the development of the Internet as a public resource.
  • Transparent community processes promote participation, accountability, and trust.
  • Amplifying public benefit aspects of the Internet is an important goal, and one that deserves the time, attention, and commitment.”

Decentralized and open source AI

Mozilla has stated that it intends to create a decentralized AI community that can act as a “counterweight” against large corporations focused on profit.

When it comes to something like artificial intelligence, it makes sense that the future of technology would be created by people who focus on benefiting humanity rather than commodifying humans.

The announcement stated that their first two projects would focus on creating free, trustworthy, and open source AI, a product like ChatGPT and Bard.

Their second focus is to create a privacy-first “do not mislead or undermine our welfare” recommendation system.

These types of products can be used by companies to embed their applications and devices so that their users can be assured of the products.

Read Mozilla’s announcement here:

Introducing Investing in Trustworthy AI

Featured image by Shutterstock / Roman Sambourskyi

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