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Should You Invest In Paid Verification From Twitter Blue Or Meta Verified?

Twitter plans to wind down its legacy verified program at the end of this month. To continue to receive a verified blue tick, you must subscribe to Twitter Blue, available now worldwide.

You can check any blue checkmark on Twitter to see if it is a Twitter Blue checkmark or an old verified checkmark by tapping or clicking on it.

Screenshot from Twitter, March 2023

Twitter blue benefits and eligibility

eligibility requirements For Verified, a blue check mark includes having a verified phone number, an account older than 90 days, and not making any changes to your name, username, or profile picture within 30 days. Accounts with a verified blue check mark cannot sign up Misleading or deceptive practicessuch as impersonating another person or using false identities.

The premium subscription plan offers Twitter users several exclusive features, including the following.

  • Verified blue tick.
  • The ability to post longer tweets and longer videos.
  • The opportunity to undo a Tweet before it is sent.
  • A chance to edit some tweets in the first 30 minutes.
  • A feed of the top articles shared by the people you follow and the people they follow.
  • Account security through two-factor authentication via SMS or authenticator apps.
  • more Vision When you reply to other users’ tweets.

Price varies based on country and device. In the US, the price ranges from $8 to $11 per month.

It also offers a featured Twitter profile labels For organizations (golden checkmark), government officials (gray checkmark), and other account types.

Benefits and eligibility are meta verified

Meta is also rolling out a paid subscription package, Meta Verifiedincluding checking Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Eligibility requirements on Facebook And Instagram Including having an active profile with your real name and profile picture that matches your government-issued ID.

Two-factor authentication must be used to secure your account, and your account must always comply with each network’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

The paid subscription offers Facebook and Instagram users many exclusive features, including the following.

  • A verified checkmark that lets your audience know that you are who you say you are.
  • Exclusive stickers to use on Facebook and Instagram.
  • 100 stars per month to support your favorite Facebook creators.
  • Help from a real person when you are having problems with your account.

Pricing varies based on the device you sign up with and is limited to users over 18 years of age in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. From $11.99 – $14.99 per month.

Disadvantages of paid verification

While it offers people who haven’t had a chance to get verified in the past the option to pay for a blue check mark, paid verification is controversial for several reasons.

For starters, many Twitter Blue users complain that they haven’t noticed an increase in engagement since paying for a subscription and feel like they’re now paying to be ignored.

Another big concern is the failure to distinguish between prominent public figures and people who have paid for the check mark. Previously, accounts had to belong to prominently known individuals or brands based on news coverage, industry references, and audience size. Now, prominent accounts will have to pay to verify with everyone else.

This new false “note” could allow bad actors to spread misinformation and scam people based on account status as a verified profile. Some agencies released Consumer alerts In response to increasing reports of fraud perpetrated by blue verified Twitter accounts.

While these actions violate the social platforms’ Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, these verified accounts can continue to spread misinformation and deceive others until someone reports a problem. A lot of damage can be done in the time it takes someone from the social network to investigate reported users.

Some Twitter users are very against paid verification. Some accounts have launched campaigns to encourage others to block Twitter Blue users to reduce the reach of paid blue checkmark accounts.

Should you invest in Twitter Blue or Meta Verified paid verification?Screenshot from Twitter, March 2023

Others will reject opinions shared by users just because the account has Twitter Blue verification.

Should you invest in Twitter Blue or Meta Verified paid verification?Screenshot from Twitter, March 2023

Is Paid Verification Right for You?

It’s important to weigh the benefits of being verified with Twitter Blue or Meta Verified against the potential effects of paying to get famous on social media.

As a user of the social network, it is also important to remember some basic safety rules.

  • Regardless of verification status, never give out personal information or account details to other social media users.
  • If you are asked to send money for a particular cause or reason, look for it outside of social media to ensure that it is a legitimate request and not a scam.
  • Verify information before sharing it with others to prevent misinformation from being spread to a larger, vulnerable audience. This is especially true for photos and videos thanks to AI content creation.
  • Use two-factor authentication to secure your accounts and save your backup/recovery code for TwitterAnd FacebookAnd Instagramjust in case.

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