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LinkedIn Adds 3 New & Free Marketing Courses

LinkedIn is adding three new courses to its free resource center where people can learn all about how to market themselves and their business.

LinkedIn Learning Labs launched last year and offers courses ranging from basic to intermediate, covering marketing practices for a variety of industries.

The course materials are presented in a step-by-step learning path, and available on demand for people to complete at their own pace.

Each course is estimated to take an hour or less to complete from start to finish.

This resource center is an ideal solution for marketing professionals who want to learn LinkedIn best practices, refine their advertising strategies, and stay on top of new marketing tools.

At launch, LinkedIn Learning Labs was strictly advertising-oriented, but there are now courses that cover organic marketing strategies as well.

Here’s an overview of what’s available in the new courses.

3 new courses at LinkedIn Learning Labs

The following courses have been added to LinkedIn Learning Labs:

1. Build an Organic Presence Using LinkedIn Pages (Basic, 20 minutes)

In this course, you’ll learn how to create and maintain an active LinkedIn Page, which you can use to develop your brand’s unique voice.

The course begins by answering the basic question of why you should have a LinkedIn Page, then goes on to teach you how to create a Page, how to keep it active, and how to measure its success.

2. Build a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy (Medium, 30 minutes)

This course teaches you how to balance organic and paid content to guide your audience through the customer journey.

It starts by explaining the concept of “the complete” marketing, then teaches you how to create and implement a content strategy using that concept.

3. Creative Design for LinkedIn (Basic, 10 minutes)

In this course, you will learn how to design visually appealing creations that engage LinkedIn members to engage with your content.

He starts by explaining the importance of good creativity for LinkedIn marketing, and goes on to teach you the essential components of creative design.

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What you get for completing the course

When all components of the course are completed, you are awarded a digital certificate. The testimonial can be viewed on your LinkedIn profile, or downloaded as a PDF to show up elsewhere on the web.

Each course is powered by SkillJar, but you can access them using your LinkedIn account.

In addition to the new courses listed above, you can also access existing courses on the following topics:

  • Introduction to LinkedIn ads
  • Use ad targeting on LinkedIn
  • Reporting and analytics for LinkedIn ads
  • Using LinkedIn for brand awareness
  • Use LinkedIn to generate leads

Source: Linkedin Marketing Labs

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