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New LinkedIn Tool Finds Top Skills Needed For Any Job

A new tool from LinkedIn lets you find the top skills employers want in candidates for almost any job position.

Additionally, if there is a skill you need that you don’t have, the tool will direct you to the resources available to build the skill.

LinkedIn’s Future of Skills data tool will show you how job requirements have changed from 2015 to 2021.

According to a recent analysis on LinkedIn, the top skills for a given role have changed approximately 25% from 2015 to today, and may increase to 40% by 2025.

Here’s how to use LinkedIn’s new tool to discover the skills needed to become a great candidate when applying for your next job.

Alternately, this tool can be helpful in keeping your skills up-to-date, thus increasing your value in your current job.

LinkedIn’s Future of Skills tool

To start, Go to Future Of Skills tool and scroll down until you reach the section shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot from:, Mar 2022.

You can search for top skills by industry or job title, and then you can filter those results by country.

The tool will display the top skills in demand today along with a comparison of the top skills in demand in 2015.

You will also get an analysis of the following:

  • How much have higher skills changed?
  • None of the higher skills are new
  • None of the higher skills are the same
  • Which of the higher skills has increased or decreased in importance

Here’s what Future Of Skills Tools for Job Title highlights Search engine optimization specialist In the United State.

LinkedIn's new tool discovers the best skills needed for any jobScreenshot from:, Mar 2022.

As you can see in the example above, a large number of required top skills are marked the new.

This means that more employers are looking for candidates with these skills today than they were in 2015.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a job as an SEO specialist this year, these are the skills you must have.

Let’s say you don’t have all the skills. Maybe you have almost all of them but you are not familiar with SEMrush, for example.

What you can do now is click on SEMrush and LinkedIn will take you to a selection of related courses.

LinkedIn's new tool discovers the best skills needed for any jobScreenshot from, March 2022.

All LinkedIn users receive a one-month free trial to access all courses available on the website.

After that, there is a monthly fee for taking the courses, or you can pay for a single course and access it anytime you want.


LinkedIn’s Future Of Skills tool is a comprehensive resource for the top skills required of candidates in virtually any industry or job position.

Employers can also use it if they are working in a specific position and are not sure what skills to look for.

This may be the most valuable collection of data on the top job skills that LinkedIn has made available.

LinkedIn regularly publishes annual reports on top jobs and job skills, but they never include as much data as you can find using the Future Of Skills tool.

Source: Linkedin is the future of skills

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