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Don’t Do This On Facebook: A Guide For Marketers

Are you planning to market your brand on Facebook? You better follow the rules, or you’ll get out, and get out quick.

A powerful social platform for business marketing, Facebook is one of the monsters in the world of social media.

With a large number of users of all ages, all with diverse interests, it’s easy to find your right target audience. But it is better not to spoil.

Facebook is proud of their Community Standards and the work they do We are ready to take.

For example, the platform has a strong stance against hate speech – throughout the third quarter of 2021, they took action on it 22.1 m Parts of hate speech content.

Yes, you want to stay on their good side. You also want to make sure that your Facebook marketing is driving sales.

However, you don’t need to worry. As long as you follow my guide with a few simple rules for Facebook marketing, you’ll be good to go.

Facebook is vital for marketers

Want to stay on Facebook – Marketing on the social media platform is crucial.

Why? Because Facebook is undoubtedly a gang leader when it comes to social media.

Based on 2020 statistics, Facebook 59% of social media users. This is more than half of the population on social media.

There are many other benefits of marketing for businesses on Facebook. With a variety of ad formats you can use and the ability to focus on a specific target audience, Facebook marketing can easily give your company the upper hand.

But how can you use Facebook marketing to your advantage?

You need a clue to Facebook these days

Although Facebook can help you achieve great success if you handle it right, not doing so can lead to quick failure.

Many small businesses are struggling to discover Facebook right now. in one survey, 62% of small business owners say Facebook ads have “missed”.

With ads being one of the primary marketing tools on Facebook, if you’re having difficulty with your ads, chances are you’re having problems in other areas as well.

It takes the right evidence to make your company triumph on Facebook. There are many potential pitfalls to fall into, and they are often novice mistakes that could have been easily avoided with the right advice.

In this article, I have compiled a list of unacceptable errors you might encounter on Facebook and what to do instead.

The 5 worst things you can do on Facebook

It’s easy to go wrong, especially if you’re new to Facebook.

Are you worried about messing up? I’m here to help put your mind at ease – right here What not to do in Facebook.

Avoid these pitfalls, and you’ll be on your way to a thriving Facebook marketing campaign.

1. Oversending or oversharing

First of all, posting too much or sharing content will be annoying to your audience. While you want to post on a regular schedule, you can’t make it look like spam. Facebook too Dislikes Spam emails.

In general, don’t post on Facebook more than once or twice a dayAnd the Maybe a little more depending on your business. However, anything in excess could be considered spam, which could lead to your account being disabled.

Be especially wary of bulk posts that contain promotional messages – Facebook automatically considers these to be spam.

2. Try promoting your business without being paid

Things change. Many companies used to use Facebook for free advertising by creating recurring promotional posts for their brand or to sell their products. It is no longer that era.

The social networking platform is now cracking down on what it deems to be “overly promotional ads”. What are those? Any post that exists solely to get people to buy a product or take an action, such as an image of a promotional product with a link back to its listing.

The reason behind this is that Facebook reported that users were complaining about their feeds being oversaturated with ads – complaint enough.

Facebook also banned any promotional cover art. Aka, hardcover with a sales flyer or CTA (call to action) inside the image.

A CTA can include a request for users to go to a company’s website, make a purchase, or download a company app. Facebook gives you CTA buttons inside your page now anyway, so there’s no point in adding one to your cover photo either.

Here’s a look at call-to-action buttons:

Screenshot from, October 2021

Simply put, if you want to advertise your product or business on Facebook, make sure you pay for it and follow the given instructions. Otherwise, you will pay in a different way.

3. You have a very wide audience

Here, we’ve come up with what some call “lazy targeting.” While you may not have a problem with Facebook for this, slow targeting can be an easy way to adjust the goals of your marketing strategy.

What I’m talking about is not putting enough effort into identifying your ideal target audience. Facebook gives you some great tools for narrowing down the exact audience you’re trying to reach — you’re shooting yourself if you don’t use them.

Whether or not you realize it yet, your company has a niche: it should focus your marketing strategy on it.

Failure to do so will result in many views from bored users who have little or no interest in your brand simply because they are not close to being your target audience.

Spend time researching your target audience: what they like, what they do, and how they behave.

Focusing on specific economic factors, interests, and activities of your audience will help you reach only the people who are most likely to interact with you, such as Bold travel does.

Focus on your target audience with your posts.Screenshot from, October 2021

4. Posting bad images or content

When I say don’t post bad pictures or content, I mean two things:

Don’t post low quality photos

This is a great way to make your company look unprofessional. If you post blurry and fuzzy images, it will lower your page image.

Facebook pages that post low-quality images or use them on their profile are likely to be ignored.

Make sure your content is appropriate

Facebook has taken a tough stance on what content it deems appropriate – it’s essential to make sure you follow it community standards. Not only will you ensure that your page won’t survive if it’s breached, but it will also make your business look bad.

Facebook will not tolerate content that contains:

  • hate speech
  • Violent or cruel content.
  • Child nudity or sexual exploitation.
  • Bullying or harassment.

It’s pretty straightforward: just don’t break the rules and post beautiful content.

Intrepid Travel does an excellent job of driving engagement by posting Captivating photos From all over the world – not surprisingly, they have over half a million followers.

5. Using the CTA incorrectly

The most important thing to note here is to make your CTA absolutely clear.

You should always clearly and clearly define where it will lead and what actions the user is expected to take. If you do not follow this rule, Facebook will take action against your account.

Don’t overuse your CTA either. A tip to help keep your audience from getting overwhelmed: It’s key not to try to do too many things at once.

While Facebook gives you up to seven CTA buttons on your Facebook page, that doesn’t mean you have to use every single one.

Finally, make sure you an act Use a CTA or two. It is imperative to do it right but failing to use any type of CTA at all is worse than bad. This means that potential consumers have nowhere to go once they find them.

What do you do instead

You talked a lot about what Not to do on Facebook. But what should you do instead? The answers make sense when you think about it.

If you’re looking for a complete revamp and need more tips on creating the best Facebook Page for your business, we’ve written about it before.

Otherwise, just follow this tip:

Maintain a regular schedule

Instead of posting sporadically, or on the other hand, posting so much that it looks like spam, follow a memorized schedule.

Posting at least once a day is ideal. However, if that isn’t possible, try to post a few times a week.

If you’re too busy to post every day, try plugins or programs like Semrush, which post to Facebook automatically for you – it will make your life much easier.

Pay for ads

If you have the money available, try Facebook Ads. Although it is difficult to navigate, you can still come up with successful results.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of money, try asking your colleagues for participation instead of sales. For example, ask for comments and likes, not for them to follow a link to your store.

Marketing objective for Facebook ads.Screenshot from, October 2021

Determine your target audience

Defining your target audience is crucial to the heart of all marketing strategies, not just those on Facebook, as it allows you to decide who you want to interact with.

Narrow down exactly who you want to market to with Facebook tools, such as audience insightsand you can find people with compatible interests.

Use beautiful pictures

People love beautiful things, especially beautiful pictures. Great content will encourage your audience to engage with your posts.

Almost everyone these days has a phone (or other device) with a camera that has the ability to take great pictures. There’s no excuses – make sure the images you post are well-designed, on-brand, and give the viewer a pleasing aesthetic.

Use high-quality, eye-catching Facebook photos.Screenshot from, October 2021

Use calls to action to your advantage

Using a persuasive CTA or two is vital to not only increasing page views but also to increasing sales.

Call-to-action tells your audience where to go next, which will ultimately lead to engagement. After all, you are trying to convert your audience into consumers.

Ask others to follow you or like and comment on your posts. Drive engagement, and you’ll end up with a much larger pool of potential customers in the future who actually enjoyed what they saw.

On the SEJ’s Facebook page, CTA is the “Register” button – the link takes you to sign up for the newsletter.

Figure out the primary goal of your Facebook Page before trying to decide on a CTA. Knowing what you really need will help focus your focus on the right thing.

Marketers, don’t mess with Facebook

Facebook marketing can be nerve wracking, and maybe it should be a little less so. If Facebook decides to kick you off the platform, you’re out forever.

Also, if you don’t know some basic marketing skills, you will be doomed for meaningless strategies.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to avoid getting on the wrong side of Facebook if you can follow a few straightforward rules. Knowing what to avoid is the first step—we’ve got you covered.

Now use your knowledge of what to do instead, and don’t hold yourself back from falling. Fly instead!

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