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LinkedIn Updates Include Improvements To Search Results

As part of its goal to provide users with more valuable content, LinkedIn has made changes to its search and discovery functionality.

People who use the professional networking site will now be able to see news, topics, and trends from their connections, as well as relevant posts from other content creators outside their network.

LinkedIn Product Manager Tomer Cohen he said in a blog post:

If you’re interested in a specific topic when you search for it, you’ll see the latest ideas, expert opinions, and other breaking news. By finding the right people, communities, companies, jobs, or content, you can now make progress on any career goal by simply searching for the topic. that’s on your mind.”

Users will be able to find content relevant to their search from like-minded experts and professionals anywhere on the LinkedIn network.

This update also makes it easier for users to “rediscover” content they’ve seen before by searching with keywords and the name of the person who shared the content.

In addition to improving search results, LinkedIn is rolling out updates to user profiles and introducing a new accessibility feature.

Service providers can now share comments

Reviews are a useful tool for service providers, with Studies show Up to 95% of customers read it before they buy.

LinkedIn will now allow its 4 million service providers to benefit from positive reviews by sharing them with their community.

Cohen adds:

“By sharing reviews in their feed, providers can double the impact of a single review and harness the benefits of word-of-mouth recommendations across their community.”

Unique referral links available to users with creator profiles

LinkedIn members using Creator Mode can add unique links to the top of their profiles.

According to the blog post, this feature will allow creators to increase their visibility and customize their branding.

Launch real-time captions for audio events

To improve the LinkedIn experience for everyone, the social media platform has added real-time captions to audio events.

This feature, which is currently in beta testing, is currently only available in English.

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