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LinkedIn: Gen Z Is Our Fastest Growing Audience

LinkedIn reports that Gen Z is its fastest growing audience and shares tips to help marketers reach this first generation on mobile devices.

Generation Z, also referred to as “Zoomers”, is made up of individuals of ages 9 to 24.

Currently there 78 million Zoomers are on LinkedIn, and the majority of them reside in the United States.

A Gen Z post on LinkedIn – as defined by the total number of shares – is 2.7x higher than at the beginning of 2020,

Most Gen Z users on LinkedIn join the website right out of high school. Among those who continue to study at the university, 20% Enter a relevant field of business.

Zoom devices have outdone millennials to become most mobile devices Part of the workforce:

  • 71% of Gen Z’ers spend more than an hour on social media every day.
  • 63% Visit LinkedIn more than once a week.
  • 74% They say they spend their free time on the Internet.
  • 66% Report using multiple devices connected simultaneously.
  • 75% They say they use their smartphones more than computers or other devices.
  • Generation Z’s daily social media use is approx An hour longer of the average millennial.

A particularly interesting finding in the LinkedIn report is that Gen Z has an interest in SEO.

According to the Top Ten LinkedIn Learning Courses Gen Z Viewed, they are interested in acquiring a number of skills that can help them build a career online.

In the chart below, you’ll see three of the top ten courses related to HTML, Python, and SEO – all of which can be used together to create a formidable online marketing skill set.

Screenshot from:, November 2021.

Here are more highlights from LinkedIn’s report on Gen Z relevant to marketers.

LinkedIn Report: Gen Z In The Workplace

Generation Z workers will count 27% of the workforce by 2025, so LinkedIn recommends getting in touch with them now and starting to build a connection with them.

Relationships are key, because Zoomers are more willing than any other generation to change jobs – 54% Some of them are considering quitting their jobs to find something better.

To that end, 41% of the global workforce is considering quitting, according to LinkedIn data.

As of September 2021, there has been a file 54% Increase in job turnovers year on year. Among the Generation Z demographic, career shifts are on the rise 80% year after year.

In the end, Zoomers are after things like everyone else in today’s workforce, which is success and financial security.

They are well aware of what awaits them, like 77% “I think they will need to work harder compared to those in previous generations to have a fulfilling and fulfilling career.”

How can companies and marketers reach this generation and build a lasting connection?

Here’s what LinkedIn recommends.

Takeaway for marketers

LinkedIn recommends the following strategies to move brand development and content creation in a direction that appeals to Gen Z.

  • Know what their skills are: “Ability to adapt easily”, “Creativity skills”, and “Presentation skills” are the current best and fastest growing Gen Z skills.
  • Give priority to mobileGeneration Z greatly prefers mobile devices over others.
  • Create interactive contentGen Z likes to be in control of the content they consume. More than half of them want to control the plot of what they broadcast.
  • Cooperation rather than controlThe ideal Gen Z leader is the collaborator, not the controller, leader, or manager.

These highlights are from the first of a three-part LinkedIn report on the Generation Z demographic. The second part will be published in December.

Source: LinkedIn Marketing Blog

Featured image: Ink Drop / Shutterstock

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