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LinkedIn Launching Free Tool For B2B Professionals

LinkedIn launches a free tool called Business Manager designed to simplify marketing efforts for B2B professionals.

LinkedIn Business Manager combines tools from Campaign Manager and LinkedIn Pages into a single dashboard.

It provides a number of quality-of-life improvements for marketers, such as the ability to share audiences for ad campaigns across accounts.

LinkedIn describes it as:

“LinkedIn Business Manager is a centralized platform that will make it easier for those working in large organizations and agencies to manage the people, ad accounts, Pages, and companies you work with.”

Here are some of the most important features launching with LinkedIn Business Manager, and when to expect the tool to be available.

What can a LinkedIn Business Manager do?

LinkedIn Business Manager offers the following benefits to B2B professionals:

  • Manage everything: Navigate through Business Manager, Campaign Manager, and Pages in one place.
  • Save timeChange settings across accounts with a single tweak and save time on administrative tasks.
  • Reach out to buyers: Share and update Matched Audiences across your ad accounts.

In a blog post, LinkedIn hints at the potential for this tool to grow over time with additional capabilities:

“As the platform evolves, it will play a major role in how you discover strategic insights that make marketing at scale more efficient.”

When is LinkedIn Business Manager available?

LinkedIn Business Manager is currently available as part of early testing with select enterprise customers.

It will be publicly available to companies around the world “in the coming weeks.”

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