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Meta Expands Reels Monetization With Monthly Challenges

As part of its shift toward short videos, Facebook’s Meta is offering more financial incentives to creators to produce reels.

By updating the Reels Play Bonus Program, Meta is restructuring payments, expanding monetization opportunities, and providing content creators with new insights about viewers.

In a blog post, the company says these changes are designed to reward creators who consistently post high-quality, original content that audiences enjoy.

Challenges add new ways for Creators to earn them

Part of this update includes introducing Challenges on Facebook, which help Reels Play rewards program creators unlock new revenue streams.

This streak earnings initiative allows creators to participate in a series of chain challenges that reward money for completion.

When one challenge is completed, the next unlocks until the creator earns $4,000 in a given month or the 30-day bonus period expires.

Screenshot from:, May 2022.

In addition, Meta will improve your advertising programs and share the revenue you’ve already generated with in-stream ads. Overlay testing in Reels Facebook is spreading to a wider group of creators.

According to Meta, this will “expand availability to more creators and open up more quality inventory to advertisers on our platform.”

This may be in response to TikTok’s announcement of TikTok Pulse, a revenue sharing plan that allows advertisers to place ads alongside popular content.

New insights help create more relevant content

To help creators create short videos that will resonate with their audiences, Meta drives visibility into performance.

From the Reels Play Bonus Insight Facebook page, creators will be able to see how many plays each reel has received and how much they have earned over a period of time.

Cross post functionality allows shared Facebook/Instagram media

Meta also announced that it will be adding crosspost functionality to Reels, allowing content creators to seamlessly share video with followers on both Instagram and Facebook.

Source: Meta for creators

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