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YouTube Is Monetizing Shorts With 45% Revenue Split

YouTube is announcing short films that will soon be eligible for monetization, and creators will keep 45% of the revenue generated from viewing.

This is an important update for creators who earn income on YouTube.

Unlike feature-length videos, which allow content creators to monetize advertising revenue, short films do not have a direct path to monetization.

YouTube has a short “fund” that gives money to creators for popular videos. However, this is not the same as a residual income stream.

In addition to monetizing short films, YouTube is expanding eligibility criteria for the YouTube Partner Program. This will help more creators qualify for monetization through both long and short content.

Here’s more information on when creators can start making money with a YouTube Short and who will be eligible for monetization.

Monetize short films on YouTube

Starting in early 2023, creators in the YouTube Partner Program will be eligible to monetize their short videos.

This will allow content creators to make money from ads that are shown between videos in their short film feed.

YouTube will add revenue from ads in the short film feed and will pay creators a share at the end of the month.

Of the total amount allocated to the creators, they will keep 45% of the revenue, distributed based on their share of the total views of the short films.

This is an interesting way to pay creators, and motivate the whole community to support short films.

The more advertising revenue generated by short films over the course of a month, the higher Everyone They will get paid.

On paper, this looks like a smart way to get the YouTube community behind the shorts, which is exactly what the company needs to do to get ahead of competitors like TikTok.

Unlike the Shorts Fund, YouTube says this revenue-sharing model is designed for long-term sustainability:

“We expect the majority of short fund recipients to earn more money under this new model, which was built for long-term sustainability. Instead of hard funding, we’re doubling down on a profit-sharing model that has sharpened the creator economy and enabled creators to build on the success of the platform.”

Expand eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program

To take advantage of short film monetization, creators must first be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program.

To get more short film-focused creators into the Partner Program, YouTube is introducing new eligibility criteria.

Starting in early 2023, creators can apply to the YouTube Partner Program by meeting a threshold. 1,000 subscribers And 10 million views of the shorts more than 90 days.

This change will allow creators to qualify for the Partner Program even if they don’t post long-form videos.

When this change is rolled out, YouTube will maintain its current standards – 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

Finally, YouTube says it will lower the minimum eligibility threshold for fan funding in early 2023, allowing creators of non-partner programs to make money from viewer purchases.

More details will be available as the updates get closer to launch.

Source: Youtube
Featured image: Mehaniq/Shutterstock

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