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Current Market Trends For The Fastest-Growing SMB Industries

Do you have a small to medium sized company?

As you know, to remain competitive in any market, you must stay one step ahead of your competitors.

One way to stay ahead of your competition is to analyze your traffic and demographics.

If your competitors don’t have a lot of traffic, it can be difficult to get insights into their marketing data.

We’ve made it easy for you to quickly see how your competitors in the industry are gaining success so you can too!

Let’s look at the main ideas from A study One of the fastest growing industries is in SMBs and how Semrush can provide similar insights into your competitive landscape.

About the study

the Digital market trends for the fastest growing industries within the SME sector A study that analyzed the global traffic and growth patterns of SME websites from 2019 to 2021.

study used Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Defining small and medium businesses as having fewer than 500 employees and annual revenues of $500,000-$10 million.

Semrush relied on data from its site .trends Platform for analyzing 150,000 SMB domains, plus SMB info from Crunchbase.

You can get Study complete marketing trends Here, but let’s take a look at the highlights to help you jump-start your next marketing strategy.

Fastest growing small and medium industries based on year-on-year traffic growth

What are the most positive ideas that came out of the study?

Website traffic increased across all websites in the SME segment throughout 2021.

Here are the top performing small and medium industries, in terms of year-on-year traffic growth:

  • Medicines (+406.18%)
  • Venture capital (+405.90%)
  • Utility services (+384.14%)
  • Storage (+ 305.85%)
  • Computers and electronics (+284.88%)
  • Biotechnology (+222.67%)
  • Healthcare (+220.38%)
  • Civil Engineering (+216.41%)
  • Oil and Gas (+153.49%)
  • Nanotechnology (+149.64%)

The pandemic has played a major role in the exponential growth of many sites in these sectors, especially when you consider disruptions in supply chains, skyrocketing consumer prices, focus on healthcare and medicine, and financial prosperity.

Best SME Growth VS Websites Growth Websites. industry leaders

Below, you can see the growth rates of the top five most visited SME websites along with the top five sites for industry leaders in each of the aforementioned industries.

Screenshot from Semrush Digital Trends, November 2021

Excluding venture capital and nanotechnology, the five SME sites with the fastest year-on-year traffic growth grew 420 times faster than the leaders in their industry.

Websites of well-known pharmaceutical brands, such as Walgreens, saw traffic growth of 275.17% year-on-year, while SME websites of brands such as Tricida saw traffic growth of 64,961.37% year-on-year.

The best traffic channels for the fastest growing SME websites

What are the traffic channels that drive the most visitors to the fastest growing SME websites?

According to the study, these channels drive visitors to the 150,000 analyzed SMB websites:

  • Direct: Visitors who arrive without a traceable source, such as typing a website URL into a browser’s address bar or using a saved bookmark to access an SMB website.
  • Search: Visitors who click on a link in organic Google search results to reach an SMB website.
  • Referral: Visitors who click on a link from another web page to get to an SMB website.
  • Paid: Visitors who click on a paid ad to access an SMB website.
  • Social Media: Visitors who click on a link from a social network to access an SMB website.

The following image shows a breakdown of traffic channels by industry:

Current market trends for the fastest growing SMEsScreenshot from Semrush Digital Trends, November 2021

Some notable sites include SMB sites at:

  • Computers and electronics, which received 86.04% of its visitors from direct sources.
  • Civil Engineering, which received 53.11% of its visitors through organic search.
  • Nanotechnology, which received 51.35% of its visitors from referral sources.
  • Venture Capital which received 48.93% of its visitors through social media.

The best social media channels for the fastest growing SME websites

Social media marketing is an important component of any digital marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at the top social networks that drove visitors to SME websites in the fastest growing industries.

Current market trends for the fastest growing SMEsScreenshot from Semrush Digital Trends, November 2021

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