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YouTube Giving Creators More Ways To Make Money

YouTube Chief Product Officer Neil Mohan has revealed that creators will soon have new ways to monetize short films, live streams, and regular videos.

This information was announced today as part of an inside look at YouTube’s 2022 roadmap, which also includes details on new features and changes to the viewing experience.

Here’s more about what YouTube has planned for creators and viewers this year.

New monetization capabilities for YouTube creators

YouTube Shorts

Currently, creators can make money from YouTube shorts via the Shorts Box.

Shorts Box is available to all creators, even those who are not eligible to monetize regular videos.

YouTube plans to continue the box shorts operation and offer additional ways for creators to earn revenue from their short videos.

In the coming months, YouTube will begin testing ways for creators to create branded short content via BrandConnect.

Super Chat messages come from YouTube live streams to short programmes, which allow viewers to purchase premium messages.

As part of a larger effort to turn YouTube into a shopping destination, the ability to shop directly from Short will also be tested.

YouTube Live

Content creators will soon be able to make more money while broadcasting live on YouTube.

YouTube plans to give users the ability to purchase channel memberships gifted to other live viewers.

This would be similar to how users on Twitch can gift paid subscriptions to other users while broadcasting.

Talent channel memberships are already being tested with a limited number of YouTube channels, and will be rolled out more broadly in the coming months.


Web3 opens up new monetization opportunities for YouTube creators through technologies such as blockchain and NFT.

For example, creators can give fans verifiable ways to own unique videos, photos, art, and more.

Mohan says there’s a lot to consider in this area, so it may be a while before we see these new technologies added to YouTube.

Other new features for YouTube creators

Do more with remixes

Building on a feature introduced last year that lets creators remix audio from videos across YouTube, new capabilities are in the works that will allow creators to add more to their remixed content with video effects, editing tools, and more.

Respond to comments briefly

In a feature similar to TikTok video responses, YouTube Short makers will soon be able to respond to individual comments by creating a short.

Collaborative Live Broadcasting

YouTube plans to introduce collaborative live streaming, which will allow multiple creators to live together.

Screenshot from, February 2022.

New insights into YouTube Studio

Creators will soon have access to new insights in YouTube Studio to help guide their content creation strategy. Insights will use YouTube and Google datasets to help creators better understand viewer demand so they can generate ideas for upcoming videos.


Without revealing anything specific, Mohan says YouTube is working to create immersive experiences for users in the metaverse. This initiative will focus on gaming content initially, as YouTube works on ways to turn virtual worlds into reality.

For more information on what YouTube has planned for 2022, check out the full announcement from Mr. Mohan.

Source: Official YouTube blog

Featured image: Mehaniq/Shutterstock

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