Will the Ram Revolution EV Make More Power Than a Cummins?

Ram just revealed its first all-electric prototype, the “Revolution 1500.” With a full-size bed, three rows of seats, and 35-inch tires, the Revolution is a beast of an EV. The automaker is being coy about how much power its new truck produces, leaving Ram fans to wonder if the Revolution EV will produce more horsepower and torque than the legendary Ram. And there is a good chance of that. Here’s what we know for sure.

The Ram 1500 Revolution EV will have two separate electric motors

We know the Ram Revolution electric truck will ride on the so-called. It will be a full-frame truck with a massive battery pack tucked between the frame rails and an electric motor for each axle. We don’t yet know exactly how powerful these specific engines are.

It makes the new Ram line of electric motors. It will range from a small 94-horsepower unit to a hefty 442.5-horsepower version. So if Ram unleashed a revolution with the biggest engines possible both front and rear, you’d think it would make 885 horsepower. But the math may not be so simple.

How much horsepower will the Ram Revolution make?

There’s a good chance the Ram Revolution will put out a top-of-the-line 850 horsepower. But its maximum power output may go down to its electrical system, not to its motors.

A close-up of the grille of the new Ram Revolution concept car.
Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

Sometimes electric cars with multiple electric motors are limited by the amount of electricity they can draw from their battery pack at one time. If the Ram Revolution can’t pump enough juice into its two engines, both engines won’t be able to produce full power simultaneously.

Ram’s parent company, however, is pioneering an 800-volt charging system for its electric vehicles. If successful, the Ram 1500 Revolution will likely be able to charge and draw from its batteries faster than most vehicles on the road. For comparison’s sake, the current generation of Teslas are limited to a 400-volt charging system.

Until Ram releases its official horsepower numbers, there’s no way to know exactly how much power the new electric vehicle will make. But there’s a very good chance that the latest Ram Revolution model will boast 885 horsepower. That number, twice as high as the high-output Cummins I6’s 420 horsepower—and even higher than the Hellcat-powered 702-horsepower TRX—may turn even the most hardened combustion fan.

Best of all, electric motors are better at producing torque than diesels.

How much torque will an electric ram make?

We have very little information on the torque output of the new electric Ram, but we expect those numbers to be higher than the horsepower. As an illustration, the new Ford F-150 Lightning makes an impressive 775 lb-ft of torque and the Ram Revolution is likely to deliver even more.

Promotional photo of the bed and rear end of the Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup truck.
Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

The Ford Lightning is an interesting comparison because it also comes with one electric motor per axle. However, the Lightning only makes 426 horsepower. So if the top-of-the-line Ram EV actually makes 885 horsepower, we’d expect it to produce significantly more torque than the F-150 Lightning. The Ram may be able to top the 1,000 lb-ft of torque offered by the current high-output Cummins.

One thing that makes electric cars fundamentally different from internal combustion vehicles is their flat torque curve. An electric motor makes 100% of its torque at 0 rpm. This means that they will excel in drag and acceleration. They also probably won’t need to send. Electric motors actually lose a small amount of torque as RPMs go up.

Ram has announced that it is targeting a maximum range of 500 miles for its new Revolution electric truck. If other electric vehicles are an example, its highest range will require a battery pack upgrade and won’t apply to configurations with the largest engines available.

Ram goes electric. When that happens, it will likely deliver trucks that produce more power than Ram buyers can expect from their Cummins-equipped minivans.

Then, find out why or watch the Ram revolution for yourself in the video below:

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