What Is a “Brodozer” Truck?

You may have heard a friend say something like, “Nice producer, dude,” most likely with a sarcastic undertone in his voice. We’ve all seen those behemoths, perhaps with a cab so high you wonder how someone got in. These are prodozers, and for some there is an art to turning a pedestrian into something so gigantic that it is almost as useless as a truck. But what are Producers, and are they great?

Please, call them View Trucks

Custom Ford F-350 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas | Gabriel Uys, Getty Images

Most brodozers owners prefer to call their trucks show trucks because they are designed to show off. Like super low-slung sports cars that can’t roll over speed bumps or low bridges that bounce on hydraulics, these trucks aren’t made for practicality. They’re fun, giant, long vehicles, unlike anything else on the road that say, “Hey, look at me!” Even if it’s some love.

, amazing lift sets, big wheels with 12 coats of paint, great stereos and of course train horns. Many of these trucks have paint jobs that cost more than your average RAV4, plus enough LED lighting to light up a skating rink. They take off-road lift to another level, but with 42-inch wheels and tires you’d hate to get muddy.

Like many in the custom truck scene, most show truck owners prefer to do their own work, rather than pay someone else to do it. The first thing you do to make a show truck is get a giant lift kit, usually a foot or more. Then, the next must-have accessory is a bumper, often with integrated lights, a custom grille and, if it’s diesel, a giant exhaust. Lighting is also key. Modern LED lights designed on the truck’s paint give a very cool custom look.

Not surprisingly, these trucks are often worth more than $100,000. Of course raising a truck too high renders the bed useless, but that’s not the point. Even if some would like to, they are proud of these monster rigs.

The width of the trucks can be long
The Custom Ford F-Series is on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas | Gabriel Boyes/AFP via Getty Images

The lifted truck can be safe. The danger in building a raised show truck is using cheap parts that can break, such as suspension arms and lengthened driveshafts. Trucks generally have a terrible turning radius, and it’s hard to see them over the hood. But for an experienced pilot, they can be safe, even with their high center of gravity.

Legality depends on where you live. In some states, like Texas, many modifications are allowed on the street, in others, not so many. But no lift will.

Where does the show truck appear?

Showcasing trucks at the Carlisle Truck Nationals
Carlisle Truck Nationals | Carlisle events

The Lifted Street Nationals are held every September in Missouri, the Carlisle Truck Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and of course SEMA in Las Vegas. These national shows attract show truck owners from all over the country. They compete in several categories, such as the tallest truck. Many other low end and custom car shows are now beginning to recognize the time and effort builders put into these trucks and judge classes for them as well. Although these trucks are very long and very wide, they need their own parking spaces.

What brand makes the best prodozer, or show truck?

Lifted Chevy truck
Chevy Truck with Long Lift Kit | Auto auctions

When you look at the majority of show trucks on the road, it’s fair to say that most of them are. The F-250 and F-350 trucks are popular due to the huge amount of aftermarket kits available, plus they are often diesel engines. The Power Stroke V8s. Of course, any heavy-duty Ram, Chevy, or GMC will work, too.

Although most lifted trucks come from American manufacturers, I found a lifted Tacoma that was set up for off-road action at SEMA.

Is BroDozer different from Brodozer?

Keep the Bonkers truck, but please give us the Frontier accessories, Nissan

The first truck to be properly named a Brodozer is the appropriately named BroDozer monster truck. In yellow paint inspired by the Tonka Truck, it became one of the most popular trucks on the Monster Jam circuit because it broke the rules. Most monster trucks are powered by nitrous oxide, such as the top fuel drag truck. The BroDozer, built by the Diesel Brothers, is the only diesel-powered monster truck of the competition and appears to be spinning out of control like a Peterbilt darting over jumps and emitting black smoke into the arena.

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