We Need More Ford Maverick Competitors

Maverick was great for the pickup truck segment. As a compact pickup truck, it proves that Americans don’t always want a full-size truck. Outside of Ford, Hyundai is currently the only other brand to offer a compact pickup truck with the Hyundai Santa Cruz. And honestly, it would be great to see that change. It’s unclear if Ram or Toyota have plans to offer a pickup. But, if these brands do, it will surely help diversify the market. This is good.

Does the Ford Maverick have any competitors?

Its obvious competitor is the Hyundai Santa Cruz. While the Santa Cruz may lack traditional styling, it certainly has serious utility. Both of these pickups are built on unibody platforms. They also offer modern features along with a very reasonable price.

It can still handle some use on the road.

Does Toyota have a pickup truck?

The smallest truck offered by Toyota is the 2023 Toyota Tacoma. And this truck isn’t really small. If you compare it to the full-size trucks of the past, it’s even bigger. But, Toyota could enter the pickup truck roles. Just like Ford and Hyundai borrowed compact pickup platforms, Toyota can do it with the RAV4.

If Toyota does indeed use the RAV4 to make a pickup truck, it could take advantage of a plug-in hybrid system or Toyota’s existing hybrid engines. And if the Maverick is any indication, people appreciate a pickup with a hybrid powertrain. Because you’re still getting a legitimate benefit, without taking a huge hit to fuel economy.

Will Ram make a competitive Ford Maverick?

Along with Ford, Ram is one of the most popular truck brands. But the brand lacks a pickup or even a mid-size truck. Sure, the Ram folks have seen the kind of success Hyundai and Ford are having with pickups. There have been rumors that Ram is planning or introducing something known as the 1200.

A smaller Ram truck can borrow from the Jeep Gladiator. Doing so will help Ram save money in terms of development costs.

Can you buy a 2023 Maverick?

Unfortunately, you can no longer order the 2023 Ford Maverick. It seems that almost immediately after orders open; Ford was forced to close it.

2022 Ford Maverick | gfc
This Ford Maverick feature could be a game changer

Hopefully, Ford can smooth things over with its pickup truck. But with such a popular product, it can be hard to keep up with demand.

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