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Twitter Bans Climate Change Denial Advertising

Twitter has announced that it will ban ads that contradict the scientific consensus on climate change.

Twitter State sustainability leaders in their Earth Day blog post:

“We recognize that misinformation about climate change can undermine efforts to protect the planet. In the coming months, we’ll have more to share in our work to add authentic, authoritative context to the climate conversations happening on Twitter.”

Misleading ads will now fall under the social media platform’s inappropriate content policy. The move follows similar bans on unanimous anti-flag ads on Google, Facebook and parent Instagram Meta.

Pre-Bunks offers disclaimers of indisputable claims

Just before the 2020 US Presidential Election, Twitter is beginning to apply two beds ago, or messages placed at the top of users’ feeds to proactively expose misinformation. These tactics, along with reliable, trusted information hubs, are now being enlisted to help in conversations about climate change.

According to the blog post, Twitter’s approach will be informed by trusted sources such as the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which issued Report 2022 on climate change mitigation earlier this month.

Social media is a battleground for climate change debate and freedom of expression

The climate change debate has become an increasingly politicized issue in the United States, which often features political rather than scientific actors. As a result, the polarization increased, with liberals and conservatives showing marked divergence on the issue.

a 2020 study by Pew Research It found 85% of liberal American adults believe human activity contributes to climate change, compared to only 14% of conservatives. Twitter is often a dossier echo chamber for each side of the issue.

Since former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter in January 2021, the social media site has sparked growing outrage from the right by claiming conservative voices are being censored on the platform.

In the aftermath of the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot, Twitter removed 77,000 accounts promoting QAnon plots, many of whom were conservative Trump supporters. However, a 2021 study by the Center for Business and Human Rights found that claims of conservative censorship are unfounded.

Twitter is committed to organizational sustainability

Combating misinformation about climate change is just Twitter’s latest initiative to promote sustainability.

In 2019, it is Unveil the plan To have its data centers in the US and Canada 100% carbon neutral by the end of 2022. Through a partnership with Watershed, a technology company focused on energy and water conservation, the company generates renewable energy from wind and solar projects.

Earlier this year, Twitter joined the European Union’s climate pact, which includes commitments to transition fully to renewable energy at sites within the European Union, according to Paris agreement.

Source: Twitter

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