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YouTube Rolls Out New Metadata For Educational Videos

YouTube creators can now enhance their educational videos with additional metadata that will be shown in search results in the future.

This update was announced during YouTube’s weekly news round which includes a number of small changes for creators worth knowing about.

Here’s a rundown of the latest news for YouTube creators, starting with the metadata update.

New YouTube metadata for educational videos

YouTube brings additional metadata to English-language videos that are educational in nature.

Videos can be marked as educational during the upload flow via a drop down menu where you can select a category.

Selecting Education as a video category will grant access to a new set of metadata that you can use to describe the content.

New metadata fields include:

  • video type
  • academic system
  • education level
  • exam, course or standard

Each of these fields is optional. You can make use of some, all of them, or not use them during the download process.

Image credit: Screenshot from, February 2022.

This is an important update for YouTube channels because in the future, this metadata will be added to YouTube search results to help viewers decide if the content meets their needs.

It is another tool that you can use to enhance your videos and make them stand out in search.

This is posted on all educational videos in English.

Other updates for YouTube creators

Several small updates this week include a new way to add a custom thumbnail and a new way to highlight short videos on your desktop.

Custom thumbnails on mobile

YouTube is rolling out new metadata for educational videosImage credit: Screenshot from, February 2022.

YouTube gives creators the ability to add custom thumbnails when uploading videos using the mobile app.

Previously, custom thumbnails could only be added when uploading videos to the desktop.

This update will be rolling out to everyone on iOS by the end of the week, and soon on Android as well.

Custom shorts rack on desktop

YouTube is rolling out new metadata for educational videosImage credit: Screenshot from, February 2022.

YouTube channel pages on desktop will now have a section dedicated to all creators’ short videos.

This update has the potential to drive more views to the shorts content, and makes the channel pages on desktop on par with the mobile experience.

A new Shorts shelf is now available on the desktop for all Creators who post Shorts content.

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