The Reliable Toyota Sequoia SUV Is the Best Bet for Reaching 300,000 Miles

they have a reputation for having some of the longest life potential vehicles on the market. Going over 200,000 miles is easy enough for the reliable Toyota Sequoia SUV. The Toyota Sequoia is an excellent choice if you are looking for one that can last for many years and miles.

The reliable Toyota Sequoia SUV has the longest potential lifespan

Toyota dominated the list when it listed some SUVs with the greatest durability potential. Among the top 20 cars, trucks and SUVs, Toyota had 10 options on the list. Many of these options were three-row vehicles, such as the reliable Toyota Sequoia SUV. Sport utility vehicles and trucks like this one are made to be durable and long-lasting vehicles, but that doesn’t make this achievement any less impressive.

It’s another long-lasting SUV, but the automaker no longer sells it in America. That has the potential to change in the future, but you can no longer buy a new Land Cruiser in the US.

Keep the reliable Toyota Sequoia SUV running at its best with regular maintenance

A 2008 Toyota Sequoia SUV | Mark Elias/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Because the Toyota Sequoia SUV has the potential to last so long, it also holds its value quite well. Those who own a Sequoia tend to keep it longer as it presents fewer problems. It costs an average of $64,466, while the average cost of a three-year version is $64,510. The average price of a three-year large SUV is $45,898, while a Sequoia is typically $18,612 more. During this study, iSeeCars found that the red and silver Sequoia SUVs were better value than the blue and white versions.

“What we see is a list of highly durable vehicles, capable of using more than a quarter of a million miles when properly maintained,” said iSeeCars executive analyst Karl Brauer. This study doesn’t look at vehicles that hit this mileage and were subsequently scrapped, but at the cars that race and drive on the roads daily.

Since the reliable Toyota Sequoia SUV has been on the market for many years, there are many resources to keep it looking its best. Check your owner’s manual for details on specific intervals, but regular oil changes, coolant flushes, and keeping up with brakes/tires are just a few essential maintenance items.

Toyota and Lexus were Kelley Blue Book’s top resale value brands


brings together all vehicles offering the best resale value each year and those offered with the best resale value. The Tundra has retained 73.3% of its original value over five years. After five years, the average new vehicle retains about 45 percent of its original MSRP, but the cars on Kelley Blue Book’s list pass so easily. Along with the aforementioned Tundra, Kelley Blue Book found the 2023 Lexus LX and 2023 Lexus LS offered good value for customers.

When it comes to selecting a vehicle that will go over 200,000 miles without too much trouble, Toyota has more options than most automakers. While there are many brands to choose from, reliability is an important factor to consider.

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