The Importance Of First Party Data Activation [Podcast]

Do cookies disappear in Chrome?

They have already been removed from the most popular browser on the mobile market – Safari.

How does this affect marketing and sales? What about Shopify merchants?

Brent Ramos, Director of Product at Adswerve, joins me to discuss increasing scaling in e-commerce and beyond.

We talked about the importance of first-party data and the possibility of losing a lot of third-party data that we get through cookies on the Chrome browser.

Third-party data will likely always be in some format, to some extent, and not all third-party data is bad. First-party data certainly isn’t bad. It is required for many of the everyday things that we as consumers enjoy. So first party cookies will last and will outlast third party cookies. – Brent Ramos, 05:58

These points of contact form a wholesome, healthy personality for what a real human being can look like. So it’s not how you collect it, but it’s about your initiation? and what are you doing? Watch it in action. – Brent Ramos, 07:20

From consumers’ point of view, they will get a better experience. They must be able to have better conversations with their brands across all different touch points and channels in a responsible and appropriate manner. They are all useful at the same time. – Brent Ramos, 11:10

[00:00] – About Brent
[03:13] What is first-party data, and how is it different from third-party data?
[05:38] What Brent thinks about Google’s first-party data advertising.
[07:00] How can companies get started with first-party data?
[10:11] How will it change the consumer experience?
[12:23] – Why didn’t people pay as much attention when Safari made the change?
[16:24] Where do you keep the first party data?
[18:26] The challenges behind owning data that companies need to be aware of.
[22:01] – Examples of first-party campaigns.

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Adswerve –

So, the faster you get first-party data and LTV modeling into your quotes, the better. And you won’t have to worry about competition as much when you know you can do it. – Brent Ramos 26:52

Once you add lifetime value to the equation, regardless of the referral channel, you’re just speaking a different language. Which is more marketing than the direct response we used to talk about with SEO. – Lauren Baker 24:07

It will only force companies and agencies to become better storytellers. That’s really what the primary ingredient is. – Brent Ramos, 11:10

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Brent is a seasoned digital entrepreneur and ad technology expert with over 15 years of experience. He combines his expertise in frontline tactics and high-level strategy to help clients use Google’s marketing platforms to achieve their goals.

He has focused on delivering the highest possible level of expected success based on new ideas leading to high level strategic marketing success as a Product Manager at Adswerve.

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