Firefox Total Cookie Protection Blocks Creepy Ad Trackers

Mozilla has announced that it is rolling out Full Cookie Protection for Firefox, its most powerful cookie blocking technology ever.

The new technology blocks third-party cookie trackers, which prevents advertisers from tracking users from one site to another.

Full protection of cookies

Firefox’s new cookie blocker blocks all cookies in the “cookie jar” of the website that sets the cookie. Essentially any cookie set by a website will be deactivated when the user leaves that website and visits another website.

This policy maintains website functionality and allows websites to collect analytics data that can help those websites provide better experiences for website visitors.

According to Mozilla Firefox’s announcement:

Full Cookie Protection works by creating a separate “cookie jar” for each website you visit. Instead of allowing trackers to correlate your behavior on multiple sites, they can only see behavior on individual sites. Anytime a website or third party content embedded in a website deposits a cookie in your browser, that cookie is limited to the cookie jar intended for that website only.

This approach strikes a balance between eliminating the worst privacy characteristics of third-party cookies – particularly the ability to track you – and allowing these cookies to fulfill less invasive use cases (eg to provide accurate analytics).

With Firefox’s full cookie protection, people can enjoy better privacy and enjoy the great browsing experience they expect.”

It improves on previous technology

The new cookie block fills a loophole in Mozilla’s previous privacy technology, Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP), which allowed marketers to create a workaround to get around Firefox’s cookie block.

Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) relied on a list of tracking cookies that are used to track users across the Internet. All trackers on the list are blocked.

But trackers not on the list were still able to track users. Marketing companies on the blacklist managed to bypass the ban by creating new tracking domains.

Mozilla’s Total Cookie Protection overcomes these solutions by confining all selected cookies to a “cookie container” that is limited to the site that sets the cookie.

Firefox Tracking Protection

Full cookie protection is now available on Firefox desktop and is rolled out as a default feature. This means that users do not have to dig into browser settings in order to turn it on, as it is launched automatically.

The feature is also enabled across the Firefox Private browsing experience and in Mozilla’s dedicated privacy browser Focus for mobile devices. the Focus Browser Available for both Android and Apple devices.

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Read the official Mozilla announcement

Firefox throws full cookie protection by default to all users around the world

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