Remember Pickup Truck Jump Seats? Ram Is Bringing Them Back

One of the many trucks my dad owned was a white Dodge from the 1980s with an extended cab and jump seats facing each other. I distinctly remember when my teenage brother and I decided we were too old to put both of them back there. It’s been decades since Ram made a truck with it, but now it’s doing it again with its Ram 1500 Revolution electric concept.

The 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution is an electric concept truck

Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

Ram gave us our first peek at its electric future when it revealed it at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV is a concept truck, but it shows off what an electric truck looks like.

With battery case and electric motor for each axle. These engines are much smaller than internal combustion engines, allowing Ram to push the truck’s firewall four inches forward than its current truck. So while the Ram 1500 Revolution’s bed is the same size as current Rams, its cab is longer. Why does a truck with such a large cab need jump seats? Because the Ram Revolution features three rows of seats.

The Ram Revolution 1500 brings back the jump seat

Detail shot of the jump seats behind the second-row seats of the Ram 1500 Revolution Electric Truck.
Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

The Ram 1500 Revolution offers a fully configurable cabin with up to three rows of seating. The electric concept van has front bucket seats, a removable center console, rear bucket seats, and two small jump seats in the rear.

One exciting aspect of the new Ram is that it has a single-bar system for attaching accessories in both the cab and bed. Because of this, you can deploy jump seats behind the back seat, or in bed backwards.

The Ram Revolution also features a center gate between the cab and bed that allows drivers to open an 18-foot loading platform. Another configurable aspect of the cab is the fold-flat workspace in the center console.

Will Ram continue to make gas-powered pickups?

The bed and rear seats of the Ram Revolution electric truck concept.
Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

Ram’s parent company claims that the Ram’s electric revolution will “redefine the pickup segment once again,” and will be “part of the future of Ram trucks.” Will the electric Ram 1500 Revolution be the only Ram truck available in 2024? Mostly not.

The Ram Revolution is based on Stellantis’ new full-frame architecture, the STLA “Frame” chassis. Stellantis said this new architecture is designed for both electric and hybrid powertrains. Ram will likely introduce a truck that looks more like the Ram Revolution with a new hybrid powertrain. It may even offer its existing mild hybrid engine.

Ram may also go in a completely different direction with its next-generation pickup truck. The company has teased the “extended range model breaker” technology. This may be a gasoline generator in the bed of an electric truck. Such technology could give the new Ram lineup unlimited petrol while still offering better MPG (and more power) than the automaker’s current petrol trucks.

Next, read about the differences between a Ram or watch the Ram revolution revealed in the video below:

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