Ram Revolution Images: Check out What the New Ram EV Looks Like Inside Out

Ram finally launched its new Revolution BEV Concept. Sure, this is a concept truck, but it’s probably very close to the ultimate all-around truck we should see on the roads in 2024. The Ram Revolution is one of the most anticipated new trucks of the year, and it should be important for Ram’s future. We’ve rounded up some of the best Ram photos so you can see what the new EV beast looks like.

Photos of the Ram Revolution show the front side skirting the electric truck cues

The interface eschews many of the hallmarks of electric car design, such as the ultra-smooth grille and low profile. Instead, the Revolution has a raised nose with bright LED lights. Dominated by a giant skid plate-like metal plate under the sharp nose, it suggests this truck could have off-road aspirations. The front has three market lights slid under the hood. It may mean that this truck is so wide that the Department of Transportation requires additional lighting.

as the 2025 model.

The back door opens like a barn, or traditionally

The first thing you’ll likely notice about the bed are the barn doors on the bed. These doors open sideways but can also be locked and flipped open like a traditional bed. Speaking of this bed, it has a middle door behind the cab that opens and creates a bed up to 18 feet long.

Can giant wheels reach production?

The first thing that stands out from the side is the giant wheels. It combines 24-inch wheels with 35-inch tires. It also has a tapered Coca-Cola bottle shape with a compressed middle that accentuates the giant wheel arches and gives it a low, squat stance. A contrasting black rooster visually lowers the truck. However, we don’t know much of this truck’s specs that you’re supposed to.

We hope that the doors of suicide in the images of the Ram Revolution will reach production

Just a little later, it’s good to see the inside. Ram designers have done an admirable job of making an interior that most would like to spend time in. Unfortunately, the interiors of concept vehicles are usually the first parts scrapped when we see the production version. But, we can hope some cool features like a removable dashboard computer tablet make it into production.

However, the coolest feature has to be the rear-hinged suicide doors. They open to show rubber and cork floors with two rows of seats on the tracks, which means they’re removable. There are also two jump seats in the rear, which calls for a third row, that attach to the removable middle door. Like the exterior, the interior also has flush LED lights and sustainable materials from front to back.

Inside, too, the Ram Revolution doesn’t appear to have a traditional gauge cluster. Instead, like Teslas, it appears to use giant screens for every bit of data. In addition, it has an oval steering wheel that is designed so that it can be folded out of the way if you use the autonomous driving mode in the future. While many features would make it a production truck, the foldable steering wheel probably won’t make it past the regulators.

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