Man Slams Girlfriend for Talking to Car Like a Human — She Dumps Him

Man Slams Girlfriend for Talking to Car Like a Human — She Dumps Him

We all have quirks that some people might find unusual. These quirks contribute to our unique personalities – and as long as they don’t hurt anyone, they are fine. However, a conflict broke out recently when a man criticized his girlfriend for her unique habit with her. It’s like she’s a human.

A woman named her car “Angie”, and says she “drinks” it when she fills it up

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It is common for people to give up their cars and have close contact with them. However, a 23-year-old woman, who named her car “Angie,” takes this association even further by talking to the car repeatedly as if she were a real person.

. In a post titled “AITA To Tell My Girlfriend The Way She Talks About Her Car Is It Weird And Embarrassing?” He wrote using the Reddit name “OP”:

“I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about nine months now. When she turned 21, her parents gave her a car, and she decided to call her Angie. I learned all this on our first date when she said, ‘Angie took me here.’ I thought that was weird but let it slide. “.

“Throughout our relationship, she was always talking about her car as if she was talking about someone else. When she got an apartment [tire] A few months ago, she called me and said, “Angie is broken and you should get a new one.” When you go to the car wash, you describe it as “giving Angie a bath.”

“It all came to a head this weekend when my friends and I went out for a drink, and my girlfriend offered to be the designated driver. We were out for a few hours, and I admit I was a little drunk. When my girlfriend came to pick us up, she said she was stopping at [gas] Station first ‘to get Angie something to drink’.

A woman kicks her boyfriend out of her car after he lashes out at her

Then the man described how he severely criticized his girlfriend:

“This is where I might be in the pit. I told her I thought it was embarrassing for her to talk about her car like that. It’s a machine, not a pet or a child, and she should treat it like a normal person would handle any machine.”

After her boyfriend criticized her for talking to her car like she was a human, the woman didn’t talk about the rest of the trip home. She picked up the guy’s friends and then took her boyfriend to his apartment. When asked why they didn’t go back to their apartment, the “car-talking” woman said she needed time to think. Then she asked her boyfriend to get out of her car.

Woman talks about the car dumping her boyfriend after seeing his post on Reddit


While he doesn’t necessarily confirm who was right or wrong with their actions, most of the commenters on the guy’s Reddit post were highly supportive of his girlfriend — and criticized him. Here are some funny examples, where commentators wrote the unique names of their cars:

  • “I asked Sasha because it is my car and she would have a better perspective on it. YTA said. Sasha also said that cars need gas because they are hungry and not thirsty. I thought it was important for everyone to know.”
  • “Liam Nissan thinks OP should light up.”
  • “Theresa, I, also agree, but my wife hates it when I refer to her by name. I think she is jealous.”
  • “I asked Taco what he thought of all this. He sprayed some liquid and shone some lights in my face. I guess that means OP is AH, or he wants to play with Herbie.”
  • “My car Bertha agrees. She’s 15 and on her last legs, I often give her a pat on the hood or steering wheel and say, ‘Good job, girl. Hold there a little longer for me. Is this stupid? surely. Are you hurting anyone? YTA number. “
  • “My car, Vana White, agrees too. OP YTA, let people have fun. Your girlfriend talking about her car this way doesn’t hurt you or anyone else. It’s just a fun thing you like to do. Stop being so boring.”
  • Norman (Nissan Note) asked me to point out that if the OP hasn’t heard from her for 4 days, she’s probably no longer his girlfriend.”

Along with the criticism from Reddit commentators, the man received a dose of reality – what is now – his ex-girlfriend. In an update on Reddit, he wrote, “Okay, she dumped me. She found the post, called me and told me not to talk to her again.”

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