The Hybrid Corvette E-Ray Is Here, and the New C8 Model Destroys Eco-Stereotypes

And GM just unveiled its first Corvette hybrid, and it’s a handful. The new C8 Corvette E-Ray uses a hybrid platform with electric power sent to the front wheels. As a result, the highly anticipated performance vehicle is the first Corvette hybrid and first-ever all-wheel drive Corvette. Here’s the new C8 E-Ray, a bunch of firsts.

Is the Corvette Stingray a hybrid?

The Stingray isn’t a hybrid, but it will share the Corvette name with the upcoming E-Ray, Chevrolet’s first Corvette hybrid. However, unlike the relatively analog Stingray, the new E-Ray is the first hybrid Corvette and first iteration of all-wheel drive (AWD) in the model’s history.

Reports indicate that the new E-Ray will have six driver modes in conventional operation and two electric modes.

2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray | general motors

First, the new Corvette Hybrid has a feature no other Corvette has had before: “stealth mode.” The selectable model cranks out the gas-powered V8 engine to run at up to 45 mph on electric power. Also, the new E-Ray has a “shuttle mode”. Shuttle mode allows prospective owners to move the Corvette short distances with a “never fire” setting.

What’s new in the exterior of the E-Ray?

While the exterior of the new Corvette Hybrid looks a lot like a C8 Stingray and even a Z06 at a glance, the cars are a little different. For example, the E-Ray shares its “widebody proportions with,” which accommodate wider, more grippy tires. However, the E-Ray has exclusive wheels, optional carbon fiber trim, and fourteen color options, including three new for 2024.

Two planes explode across a bridge showing their back design.
Chevrolet Corvette E-Rays | general motors

Fortunately for loyal Corvette fans, the hybrid model follows the convertible and removable roof formula. Some things just don’t have to leave the Corvette equation.

How much does the Corvette E-Ray cost?

The new Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray will begin its sales cycle in 2023, and it starts at about $104,295 for the 1LZ coupe. The 1LZ convertible will cost a bit more, at about $111,295. Better yet, the Corvette’s home will remain in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Stay tuned for our continued coverage of new electron rays! Tell us what you think of the new Corvette Hybrid in the comments below!

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