GM Just Announced An All-New Small-Block V8 Is Coming

The electric zeitgeist is in full swing, but gasoline engines aren’t going away overnight. Nor will V8 power come, as has just been confirmed, soon a small-block V8. This will be the sixth generation of the car that has powered many Chevy and GM products since its introduction in 1954 for the 1955 model year.

What vehicles will GM’s new small block engine be for?

V6 Engines Stacked at GM’s Flint South Plant | Jeff Kowalski/Bloomberg News/Getty

It seems like everything you’ve been hearing from every automaker lately is about electrification. Gas engines, and V8s in particular, look like anachronisms next to the latest in every corner of cars from Ford to Ferrari. But there’s no denying the V8’s power is still very popular. And in the case of General Motors, there is a need.

Both trucks and SUVs. Maybe he cares about Ford F-150 fans hoping to get a V8 in the shakeup. and complied.

What is General Motors’ new small block engine?

LT2 V8
LT2 V-8 engine from the Corvette Stingray | GM

General Motors currently offers in its trucks and SUVs. The L84’s 5.3-liter small-block EcoTec3, and the L87’s big-bore 6.2-liter EcoTec3. There’s also the fifth-generation LT2 6.2-liter in the C8 Corvette, which shares many similarities but is of course geared for the mid-engine position. Better lubrication and performance are the main deviations.

GM hasn’t indicated if the new V8 engine will also see action in the Corvette. The Camaro will be phased out in 2024, so it’s doubtful that the sixth-generation V8 will find its way to the Camaro. After the first generation of the V8 engine, which lasted more than two decades, GM created newer versions less than 10 years apart. As the design progresses, it shares less with the original version, except for the bore spacing.

Where will the new V8 be built?

GM Flint
GM Flint Drive South | Jeffrey Suger/Bloomberg News/Getty

Flint, Michigan is the plant of choice for the new assembly. It currently produces the 3.0-liter LM2 I6 and 3.0-liter LZ0 Duramax engines. An expansion program has begun to accommodate additional engine requirements. So, while no production start dates have been announced, it will undoubtedly begin once the plant is finished building.

GM Flint
GM Flint Truck Assembly Plant in Flint, Michigan | Bill Bugliano/Getty

The fifth-generation small-block V8 debuted in 2014, but the original LS debuted in 1997. It was replaced by the LT for the C8 Corvette after three generations of small-blocks. So adding that up, there have been four generations over a 26-year period.

Three other plants will get the remainder of the $918 million GM spends on plant upgrades. Since 2013, it has invested more than $37 billion in expanding manufacturing facilities, according to .

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