Video Shows Unreal Barn Find, Collection of Muscle Cars Worth Millions

Barn always finds that blood pressure goes up here. The idea of ​​wrestling open a barn door, warped with age, to find a priceless classic wreath in the dust is more than thrilling on Christmas morning; It’s akin to finding long-forgotten pirate treasures. This new Youtube video is one of the coolest we’ve ever seen. enjoy.

What did this youtuber discover in the warehouse?

Venture days before Christmas to find an incredible warehouse filled with a collection of original low-mileage muscle cars that are beautifully shod in the dirt.

one of only 963 examples made that year, and one of only 859 examples made that year, according to HotCars.

Even more amazing, the Boss 429 has a handwritten tag describing it as “the original 35,000-mile car. If that tag tells the truth, this is a really valuable car. We don’t get a good look at the Challenger, but the R/T badges (if It was real) indicates we’re looking at a very special car. The real question is whether or not the Hemi is real. Given its rarity, it’s unlikely, but then again, it’s sitting next to what looks like a real 429 boss.

There is more than just these two muscle cars

Boss 429 Mustang | Raul Burgos

The Challenger and Boss 429 are the standouts in the barn-finding group. However, there are still others inside that, on their own, would make for a very exciting discovery.

There are many other Mustangs in various states of repair. The one next to the boss is a killer fastback Mustang that looks like the 60’s models. There’s a killer Plymouth GTX guarding the door. Next to that are some Mustangs from the ’70s, including what looks like a Mach1 and even a first-generation GTO.

What will happen to these cars?

The worst part about most barn find videos is that these cars are talked about or, in this case, we know very little information about the situation that they could also be ghosts. The guy behind the camera just says they’re at the “customer’s place”.

Let’s hope the owner has plans for this muscle car barn find or the owner has found a buyer to restore it properly.

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