Is Mitsubishi Coming After the Ford Maverick?

Before the Maverick even existed, a bunch of different brands offered pickup trucks in the United States. But with larger trucks gaining popularity and new regulations coming in, selling a pickup truck no longer makes sense. And one of those brands that was offering a small pickup was Mitsubishi. A name that has now become synonymous with cheaper vehicles. In the near future, could you build a pickup truck to rival the Ford Maverick?

Does Mitsubishi have a truck?

While it is not sold in the United States, in other markets it has a pickup truck called the Triton. One way or another, this Japanese automaker has had a truck in production since 1978.

It has already been sold in the US for quite some time. The second generation was known as the Mitsubishi Mighty Max and the Dodge Ram 50. But, it’s been a while since Mitsubishi built a truck for North American soil.

Mitsubishi would like to sell a truck in the United States

In a conversation with the North American Director of Product Planning, CEO Carson Grover brought up the idea for the model. He stated that “we would love to be able to do that”. But things are not as simple as simply importing the Triton into the United States.

Mitsubishi Triton Rally Truck | Mitsubishi

Because of things like the chicken tax, it’s very expensive to import a pickup truck. The tax is mainly imposed to protect against vans made abroad. So, you can’t really take it and start selling it in the US

If a brand wants to build a truck, they probably need to partner with someone who already sells a pickup truck. Accordingly, there aren’t any specific plans for a new minivan. But, as this segment grows, it’s easy to see Mitsubishi wanting a slice of the pie.

Are there pickups left?

and Hyundai Santa Cruz are two new pickup trucks that you can get right now. Although Santa Cruz will be easier to find than Maverick. The Blue Oval’s compact pickup truck proved to be very popular. And it was hard to keep up with the demand.

White 2023 Ford Maverick, Cheapest New Hybrid and Pickup Truck with Best Gas Mileage, Parked on the Dirt
2023 Ford Maverick | stronghold

They look like the trademarks of a production pickup truck. After all, the smallest truck that Ram currently owns is the Ram 1500. It doesn’t even have a mid-size model. Therefore, we will monitor any developments on that front.

A black 2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck parked in a green area.
2023 Hyundai Santa Cruz | Hyundai Motor Company
Lawsuit alert: The Ford Maverick is in hot water

It might be one small possibility for a Nissan-assisted Mitsubishi pickup. There is a partnership between the two brands, and the Outlander is actually based on the Nissan Rogue. So, borrowing a platform for something like the Nissan Frontier wouldn’t be unheard of.

Until Mitsubishi makes an official pickup announcement, we won’t really know what the plan is. In my opinion, the more pickups, the better. Especially if it is affordable.

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