Google Search Ads 360 Updated: Here’s What’s New

Google Ads is rolling out new design and features for its Search Ads 360 platform, allowing advertisers to increase productivity and scale.

The new Search Ads 360 experience helps enterprise advertisers simplify campaign management and measure performance more effectively.

Here’s what’s new in Search Ads 360’s most important update since its inception more than 10 years ago.

The rebuilt 360 Search Ads platform

Google understands that advertisers face many demands. It is not uncommon to be working on multiple platforms simultaneously.

The new Search Ads 360 redesign is now built on the same platform as Google Ads.

Google points to several benefits of the updated technology, including:

  • The ability to process and manage more data
  • Provide a faster user experience
  • Expanding the enterprise’s workload
  • Updated bid strategies

Enterprise advertisers praise the updates, pointing to the ability to pursue more sophisticated strategies.

Quite possibly the biggest update to Search Ads 360 is the immediate support for the new campaign types introduced in Google Ads:

  • Performance Max campaigns
  • discovery campaigns

Faster navigation features in Search Ads 360

Google Search Ads 360 users are used to working on platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. That’s why Google has updated its interface to closely resemble those tools.

Image credit:, February 2022

As shown above, the Overview page in Search Ads 360 is almost identical to the Google Ads Overview. It allows advertisers a high-level look at accounts in the MCC, as well as major changes in performance.

Faster mobility capabilities allow institutional marketers to streamline their workload, with some estimating the 20% time saving.

Improved search engine support

Google also announced that the new Search Ads 360 offers better support for third-party tools.

Many advertisers, especially institutional marketers, work with multiple search engines in different parts of the world. By adding additional support, you can now access features from other search engines. Examples of these added features include:

  • Dynamic search ads
  • Schedule a sitelink extension
  • Common Microsoft Advertising features
  • Microsoft Ads Customer Match

Third party tool support is intended to allow you to complete tasks in one place. The fewer you have to switch platforms to get work done, the more you can focus on the tasks that move the needle.

Advanced enterprise innovations

In addition to the features of Search Ads 360 that mirror other platforms, Google has added unique features to this platform.

These features give you entirely new ways to streamline and centralize everyday tasks. Changes that may need to be made on multiple platforms can now be made simultaneously in Search Ads 360.

Example Ability to create automated rules and labels that span multiple platforms. If you have promotional ads that you need to schedule in Google and Microsoft Ads, you can automate that task in Search Ads 360 rather than in each individual tool.

Google Search Ads 360 has been updated: here's what's newImage credit:, February 2022

Other enterprise feature includes New “Templates” section For inventory management and ad builder. This feature is slated to roll out later in 2022. The Templates section allows you to create and update ads at scale.

finally , Budget management feature will be upgraded In “Search Ads 360” and switched to Performance Center.

Instead of simple budget management, you’ll be able to forecast spending and trends across multiple search engines. This will be an essential tool in planning marketing budget scenarios to suit the ever-changing economy and demand.

Google Search Ads 360 has been updated: here's what's newImage credit:, February 2022

Source: Google Marketing Platform

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