Reminder: Google Ending Expanded Text Ads This Month

As of June 30, 2022, Google will no longer allow users to create or edit expanded text ads.

With the goal of simplifying the way search ads are created and boosting performance with automated tools, Google announced this change in August 2021.

After this deadline, users will only be able to create or edit responsive search ads in standard search campaigns.

According to Google, advertisers who switch from expanded text to responsive search ads will see an average 7% increase in conversions at a similar cost.

Sunsetting text ads highlights the push towards automation

In its original announcement, Google revealed that 15% of search queries have never been seen before. To help advertisers reach the people in need of their content, products, and services and stay up-to-date with evolving trends, the search engine relies on automation.

Responsive search ads use the power of machine learning to help put relevant ads in front of more people.

What does this mean for marketers and SEO professionals

Existing expanded text ads will continue to run and appear in performance reports, but new ads cannot be created. It can still be paused and enabled at any time.

To prepare for this change, Google made the following recommendations:

  • Retarget high-performing text ad content into responsive search ads and focus on improving ad strength.
  • Apply suggested changes in account recommendations
  • Pin titles and other versions to specific locations to ensure they always appear.
  • Use shapes to test different versions of ads.
  • Review assets in reporting across campaigns based on performance to determine which messages are most effective.
  • Evaluate incremental growth in impressions, clicks and conversions across ad group and campaigns.

The search engine also recommends Smart Bidding for broad match keywords in responsive search ads. This will allow advertisers to access new high-performance queries and optimize bids in real time.

Source: The Google

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