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Global Marketing Day [Feb. 16]: The 24-Hour Semrush Conference You Just Can’t Miss

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Imagine getting 24 hours of marketing advice from experts on top brands like Google, Amazon, Pinterest, and Adobe.

Now, imagine getting those valuable insights – for free.

thanks for the smrashThis idea does not have to exist only in your imagination because the World Marketing Day conference made it a reality.

“World Marketing Day is my dream event,” says Olga Andrienko, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Semrush.

“I’ve never seen a conference like it before. So, I wanted us at Semrush to make one that’s unique, complex and fascinating, yet very simple and easy for anyone to join in and watch.”

So what exactly is Global Marketing Day (GMD), and what can you expect when you attend?

Well, for starters, it’s a non-stop global live event – and it’s truly one of a kind.

GMD consists of 48 sessions Where you can learn everything from the how-to Protect your business from stagnation to How to build a strong community on social media.

On Thursday, February 16, this 24-hour marketing conference will be broadcast live from three studios in New York, London and Dubai.

With over 150 featured speakers from the world’s biggest brands, Global Marketing Day is sure to provide valuable knowledge for you to apply to your own strategies. Because, as Andrienko said:

Who wouldn’t want to find out marketing tips from him GoogleAnd Meta f Tik Tok? Or learn how X-BoxAnd Vogue magazineAnd Nestle Marketing their products to their fans? “

In addition, marketers and business owners will have the opportunity to connect with experts directly via real-time questions.

And the best part of all? Totally GMD Free to attend.

Don’t miss your chance to connect with marketing professionals from all over the world. Register for free at

What topics will be covered in GMD 2023?

There are always new techniques and strategies to learn and improve, especially as the digital marketing landscape continues to evolve.

Global Marketing Day covers a wide range of topics to provide attendees with updated ideas and relevant information.

“Our goal is to inspire marketers to implement something new in their approach or even open a new chapter in their career path,” Andrienko says.

This year’s conference will cover topics such as:

  • SEO.
  • content.
  • Advertising.
  • Brand campaigns.
  • artificial intelligence solutions.
  • Remote team development.
  • The future of work.

“We’re covering all of that on World Marketing Day because we know that all areas of marketing are interconnected and it’s important to stay abreast of developments.”

To learn more about the topics that will be discussed at GMD 2023, view Full agenda of the event.

Who are the speakers that will be featured at GMD 2023?

“We selected guest speakers and experts from all over the world, so there is a wide variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences,” Andrienko says.

“And we’ve structured each session so that any marketer or anyone interested in promoting their business can walk away from this 24-hour event with case studies based on first-hand experience, updated trends, and applicable tips and tricks.”

Each Global Marketing Day speaker will share their ideas for 15 minutes, before being joined by two additional guest experts for a 15-minute panel discussion.

The panel will consist of guests from different backgrounds, such as agencies or other brands, to provide a variety of opinions and give a unique twist to any marketing theme.

Andrienko herself will be broadcasting live from her studio in Dubai to talk about how long it takes to rank higher on Google.

“I can’t wait to see other sessions on branding, social media and creative campaigns,” she says. “If you’re interested in recession-proofing tactics in digital marketing and the future of work, we’ve got something for you, too.”

Some speakers you’re particularly looking forward to include:

  • Linda Lee, Head of Customer, Marketing and E-Commerce at H&M AmericasLinda manages marketing, e-commerce and customer interaction activities across H&M’s markets in the United States, Canada and Latin America. You will present ideas on getting customers back into stores and how businesses can increase foot traffic.
  • Chanel Calvas, Chief Brand Marketing Officer at The New York Times: Chanel will lead a deep dive into the brands’ emotional storytelling. With over 15 years of experience building global brand strategy and creative development for iconic brands like Star Wars, Marvel, and My Little Pony, Chanelle has taken The New York Times brand marketing to new heights with “Independent Journalism for Independent Living.” recently campaign.
  • Tejali Shete, Creative Director/Art Director at Amazon Prime Video: Tejali has made her name working in some of the world’s top agency networks, rising through the ranks from junior Art Director to Senior Creative Director, winning a few awards along the way. During the pandemic, she began offering her advertising and creative skills for free to local businesses. The success and high demand for it led her to found The Roll Dot Agency, which she runs alongside her full-time job at Amazon. She’ll talk about combining a full-time job at Amazon with a side job – her agency.

For the full list of speakers and a summary of this year’s agenda, be sure to check out Global Marketing Day event location.

What inspired us to create World Marketing Day?

Semrush has long been a digital marketing powerhouse, with clients in over 180 countries and a strong global community of opinion leaders.

Although it is mostly known as a SEO-focused brand, its products have evolved into Comprehensive marketing platformwhich also includes content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing.

Andrienko notes: “Our audience has always loved webinars, so video has proven to be a great format.”

Since hosting 7,000 people for Digital Transformation Day in 2018, the brand decided to expand on the idea and create a webinar that stands out from all the other events in the world.

“24 hours non-stop seemed like a real eye-catching challenge,” Andrienko says. “So we went for it!”

Global Marketing Day was created to enable marketers from all over the world to connect and share knowledge.

It was also important for Semrush to make this knowledge accessible to anyone on the planet, from the comfort of their homes, and for free.

According to Andrinko, this is what makes GMD truly unique, as it reflects values ​​of inclusivity, innovation, and continuous learning.

Semrush first launched this ambitious concept in 2019, with over 56,000 registrants and an average of over 15,000 live viewers at one time.

“We connected people from all over the world in a way that hadn’t been done before, definitely in a way that wasn’t possible personally,” Andrinko says.

Global Marketing Day is a unique opportunity for you to learn from and connect with other marketers and get inspired by other marketers around the world.

Register for free And get the insights you need to elevate your marketing strategy.

Community Impact for World Marketing Day

“We want to inspire the next generation of marketers! We love bringing together the global marketing community, and that includes welcoming beginners into the fold,” Andrienko says.

Semrush established World Marketing Day as the go-to place for marketers and business owners to keep up with what’s going on in the industry and check out their peers.

“Our goal is always to host top speakers from the biggest brands in the world so marketers can learn all about recent marketing trends and ideas,” Andrienko adds. “We want marketers to apply it to their own strategies for success and stay ahead of the game.”

Whether you’re looking to discover new ideas, learn new tactics, or simply hone your skills, you won’t want to miss this year’s event. Open an account now Access insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Start your unique marketing adventure!

Global Marketing Day is your chance to join a special kind of online event.

“Although many conferences are available online, I think you will find our experience to be unique,” ​​Andrienko says. “It is a labor of love and we put all our energy into making this event a reality. We know it will be a valuable experience for everyone.”

Semrush even works with professional studio crews to steer clear of technical issues and ensure attendees get the best quality experience.

And if you’re worried about missing sessions outside of your time zone – because it’s realistic to stay up to date 24 hours non-stop? – Semrush has you covered.

“We don’t want marketers to miss any insights, so we’ll be recording all sessions,” Andrienko points out. “Registered attendees who join in and watch at some point during the live broadcast will be able to access the recordings after the event.”

Are you ready to start learning from and connecting with the world’s top marketers? Connect online from wherever you are and join us for 24 hours of industry insights.

Global Marketing Day The year 2023 begins at 10 a.m. ET on February 16th. See you there!

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