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3 Ways Top Websites Personalize On-Site Content

Your product or service isn’t one-size-fits-all, so shouldn’t your content be dynamic, too?

The best websites convince potential customers to continue their journey and eventually convert with high-quality, easy-to-convert, and personalized content.

This requires a solid understanding of your audience and their behaviors both online and offline.

In this article, you will see how the top three websites use on-site personalized content to convert leads into customers.

We’ll also share how small businesses can implement realistic, affordable solutions that achieve the same goals.

1. Netflix uses data to control streaming services

With 209 million To subscribers, how can Netflix offer such personalized and curated content just for You are?

From Recommend titles Special to your family profile to send a watch-worthy movie list straight to your inbox It all starts with collecting data.

Not only does Netflix understand who its customer is, but also how that customer interacts with its platform.

3 ways to Netflix Masters custom content on site

1. Personal recommendations

Netflix may have an army of data analysts and a sophisticated algorithm that gets to know its audience via a combination of human-driven software and artificial intelligence, but small businesses can get useful insights too with free or premium software. Review the examples below to help you provide personal and dynamic content.

2. Directions

Netflix gains insights from third-party data to create relevant content for its website and viewers.

Small businesses can access similar programs, including the options listed below, to keep up with trends in their own business.

3. Original content

Netflix has found its place in the highly saturated world of TV and movies by offering original content on its streaming service with original series like ‘House of Cards’, ‘Narcos’ and ‘Orange Is the New Black’.

You can create original content that has all the same elements as a hit TV series: well-written copy, informative content, engaging narrative, and memorable takeaway or call to action.

Tips and tools for small businesses

Create personalized, dynamic text, images, and CTAs

There are affordable tools that you can use for your website such as:

  • hyper.
  • Google optimization.
  • personality.
  • optimally.
  • The right message.

Keep track of what is popular in your industry

You can use these tools:

  • Google trends.
  • Buzzsumo.
  • Quora.
  • reddit.
  • Ahrefs.

Create original, SEO friendly and engaging content

This requires the skill of an experienced writer. It is an investment that will provide a great return on investment if done right.

You can then use one of the aforementioned customization tools to have your copy, videos, or high-quality images adjusted to user behavior and demographics.

2. Aveda creates an engaging experience using quizzes and artificial intelligence

Screenshot from, September 2021

According to Epsilon, 80% Consumers are more likely to shop around for brands that offer a personalized experience.

Many successful beauty brands, such as Aveda, Bumble & Bumble, and Sephora, offer customers a personalized on-site experience by learning about each customer’s individual needs.

Aveda offers customers “tailor-made” products by Ask a series of questions To keep the visitor on the website longer, guide them towards purchasing the appropriate product or service, and conveniently integrate the in-store and online shopping experience.

Quizzes and AI tools are an effective lead generation technique.

In most cases, the shopper will have to enter their name and email address to get results. But even if a customer doesn’t make an immediate purchase, you can use their results to send personalized emails and retargeting campaigns to nudge the customer along their journey.

How Aveda Masters Website Personalized Content.Screenshot from, September 2021

3 ways to Aveda Masters in personalized content on site

1. Interactive contests

Consumers demand personalization and will share their information to get it. Ninety-one percent (91%) Consumers are more likely to shop with brands that offer relevant offers and recommendations to them.

Aveda’s quiz asks several questions about the user’s hair, for example. Once the results are ready, Aveda will offer the best products and services for the user’s hair type and interest, as well as highly relevant blog articles and resources.

2. AI

Experimental tools that rely on sophisticated computer software and artificial intelligence appear on sites across the web.

For Avida, this meant a 220% A jump in demo tool traffic and a 5x increase in salon locator traffic compared to the average site.

While the technology is currently still in its infancy, expect to see exponential growth in websites across all industries using experience technology over the next few years, allowing affordable solutions to emerge.

3. Retargeting and customized remarketing campaigns

Aveda strategically uses its on-site data to drive off-site traffic to the site.

Before diving into either of these two things, it is best to understand the difference by reading Remarketing vs Retargeting: Are They The Same?

Aveda and other companies use multiple forms of retargeting and remarketing, such as:

  • Off-site retargeting.
    • Retargeting ads across channels
    • Email redirect ads
    • Dynamic retargeting ads
    • Google ads for remarketing
    • TikTok retargeting ads
  • Re-targeting on the site.
  • Cart abandonment messages/popups related to the products in the customer’s cart.
  • Blog and product recommendations Based on the items viewed by the shopper.

Small business tips and tools to use

Embed quizzes on your site

Gain the trust of your visitors and improve your lead generation by including great and affordable quizzes on your site.

Here are some tools worth exploring:

  • Cyrus.
  • I pocketed.
  • reacts.
  • OutGrow.
  • LeadQuizzes.
  • Qzzr.
  • mystery.

Create experiences on site

The average business doesn’t have the resources to hire a team of engineers and developers to create artificially intelligent virtual shopping experiences.

But don’t let that stop you from exploring the following options that provide business owners with the ability to create their own on-site experiences:

  • YouCam.
  • Modivas.
  • style.
  • Quetick.

Are you looking for the right tool to aid your retargeting efforts?

Here is a list of popular SAAS companies that offer solutions to companies of all sizes and budgets:

  • SharpSpring ads.
  • ClickMeter.
  • Mailchimp.
  • ReTargeter.
  • AdRoll.
  • Ventezza.
  • Krito.
  • Fixel.

3. Adidas adopts a comprehensive on-site personalization strategy

Creators Club loyalty program.Screenshot from, September 2021

“the The most important store “Our world is .com, period,” said Kasper Rorsted, CEO of Adidas.

Before on-site customization became the norm, Adidas created a functional website:

  • Allow customers to curate and save products to wish lists.
  • Implemented feature-based and collaborative filter product recommendations for new clients.
  • And I started making behavioral and interest-based recommendations to repeat customers.

In addition, Adidas has developed a mobile application and loyalty program to complement on-site consumer interactions to create a more integrated and personal relationship between Adidas and its followers.

3 ways dedicated to the adidas Masters content on site

1. Proactive listening: Give them what they want

Adidas sends personalized messages to its users.

Even more impressive, Adidas clicks on Salesforce data To present a dynamic home page with copies, photos, and videos of each user.

Adidas puts its brand in the hands of consumers and adapts its message and branding accordingly.

2. The Creators Club Loyalty Program

Adidas knew early on that it would have to first give the consumer the VIP treatment to develop a loyal fan base. today is Creators Club loyalty program Offers attractive benefits to members only.

3. Adidas Mobile app

With Google focusing on mobile-first indexing, expect significant growth in apps developed by brands. Mobile apps bridge the gap between brands and consumers by tracking them across their customer journey on multiple devices.

For example, the Adidas mobile app provides users with an exclusive shopping experience. In addition, the application offers customized content such as news and blogs after recognizing the user’s style preferences and analyzing their behavior on the application and website.

Tips and tools for small businesses

Implement dynamic content on your website

Create and use data-driven product or service recommendations, on-site search with dynamic content, dynamic CTAs, smart popups, dynamic on-page copy and images, and on-site dynamic banners.

Find the solution that works best for you and your audience – here are some solutions to try:

  • right to the letter.
  • If so.
  • Personally.
  • omniconvert.

Use loyalty programs

Here are some programs worth exploring:

  • Open Loyalty Program.
  • tada.
  • youtube.
  • five stars.
  • Mango tap.
  • loyalty.
  • Trillion AI.
  • Talkable.

Invest in a mobile app

Add value to your brand by developing a mobile app. Plan carefully and work with app developers who understand your goals.

If you started small and took this task on your own, you can try one of the tools below:

  • bubble.
  • Appypie.
  • GoNative.
  • iBuildApp.

Content personalization leads to more exceptional experiences

This article covered the ways in which the best websites personalize site content, and we’ve only scratched the surface.

New developments in technology will make the personalization of site content and the overall experience more engaging and innovative.

Next time you’re on your favorite brand’s website, look beyond the product and notice what they do to create an experience that’s exclusive and personalized for you.

Better yet, ask yourself how you can apply these lessons to your website.

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Featured image: Leonid Zarubin/Shutterstock

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