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Current Trends in Email Marketing: Tips & Pitfalls [Podcast]

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. However, staying up to date with the latest trends is crucial to avoid common mistakes.

Jay Schwedelson, founder of, join me at SEJShow to discuss the subject line techniques you should test, key tips for conversions, and pitfalls to avoid.

You’ll discover new options for staying ahead of the curve and how to get the most out of your email marketing.

You will not get more business by sending less. This is not the way it works. You need to send more. Marketers think they are sending a lot, but they are not sending relevant stuff. — Jay Schwdelson, 6:50

Technology has changed in the last 5-7 years, and the reason you go to your inbox versus your junk folder isn’t because of the content. Not because of the words or symbols you put in the subject line. It’s because of your reputation for posting. It’s because of the engagement, the opens, and the clicks you generate with the people in your database. Your post is why it goes to the inbox or not. – Jay Schwdelson, 8:58

You go to the junk mail folder because you have a bad mailing reputation. You don’t have an engagement. Misunderstanding spam trigger words hurts marketers because they try to write subject lines, not use words that all marketers know to work best — things like free or expired. – Jay Schwdelson, 9:47

[00:00] – About Jay.
[03:02] – What is an expert conference?
[08:15] Common email myths.
[11:10] Does cleansing and opting out of lineage help?
[15:24] – Email triggers unacceptable words.
[19:24] – Use emojis in subject lines.
[23:13] – What are friendly models?
[26:01] The importance of personal names and avatars.
[29:10] How important is the subject line in outreach emails?
[33:15] How personal can we get with email marketing?
[37:10] How important is it to have a CTA above the fold?
[40:25] Holiday email marketing tips.
[45:24] How to avoid going into Gmail’s Promotions folder.

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Email marketing here at SEJ is one of our cores. It is one of our most important pillars in terms of marketing. Lauren Baker, 4:57

You don’t have to get any negative repercussions from opting out. You get negative repercussions from spam complaints that only happen if you do a few simple things. – Jay Schwdelson, 12:44

If they want to opt out, they will never buy anything from you. So, they send the offer because they are looking and waiting for something. – Lauren Baker, 5:46

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Also, as President and CEO of Outcome Media, Jay has helped some of the world’s most iconic brands become more successful. With his innovative solutions, he knows what it takes for your business to rise.

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