Do Toyota 4Runners Have Enough Cargo Space?

The 4Runner is a midsize SUV that has a cult following for its reliability and off-road ability. The is rugged and can tackle obstacles that most vehicles should avoid. Do Toyota 4Runners have enough cargo space?

How big is the cargo space of the Toyota 4Runner?

The rear cargo area of ​​a 2023 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

The 2023 Toyota 4Runner is a five-seater, but drivers can upgrade to a seven-seater. The 4Runner has 47.2 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats and 89.7 cubic feet of space if the second row seats are folded down. The three-row model has 46.3 cubic feet of space, with the third row folded, and 88.8 cubic feet of space with all seats folded down.

The midsize SUV has 36.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind its second row. It has 72.1 cubic feet of space with all seats folded. Hence, the 4Runner is exceptionally roomy for its vehicle segment. There is plenty of cargo space for storing gear.

The 4Runner is designed to accommodate drivers with adventurous lifestyles. It’s an off-roader that can handle tough terrain, especially higher trim levels.

What is the best trim on the 2023 Toyota 4Runner?

A white 2023 Toyota 4Runner midsize SUV is driving off-road through the water.
The 2023 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

The Toyota 4Runner is available in eight different trim levels. recommends TRD Off-Road trim due to its value. It’s the best off-road 4Runner due to its ground clearance, but the 4Runner TRD Off-Road is a good balance of capability and affordability.

The 2023 Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road starts at $43,400. It uses a 4.0-liter V6 engine to produce 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque. The midsize SUV gets 16 miles per gallon in the city and 19 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road comes standard with Multi-Terrain Select, Crawl Control and multiple skid plates. It also includes heated power door mirrors, roof rails and an integrated remote keyless entry system. The TRD Off-Road is designed to tackle rough terrain and endure harsh off-road conditions.

Is the Toyota 4Runner getting a redesign?

An orange 2023 Toyota 4Runner midsize SUV is parked outdoors.
The 2023 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

Toyota has yet to announce a 4Runner redesign, but the midsize SUV is expected to be redesigned soon. The Toyota 4Runner looks old-fashioned compared to its rivals. The Tundra and Sequoia nameplates are undoubtedly better than ever after their redesigns.

Toyota’s midsize SUV could benefit from better fuel economy and higher-quality interior materials. The 4Runner’s exterior could use an update as well.

A redesign could introduce a 4Runner hybrid option. So far, Toyota already produces a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, a standard hybrid and a RAV4 Hybrid. The Tundra also has a hybrid propulsion option. The upcoming Corolla Cross Hybrid and Grand Highlander Hybrid both benefit from Toyota’s hybrid technology innovations. So, a redesigned Toyota 4Runner and the introduction of a 4Runner Hybrid are within the realm of possibility.

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