Decked Drawers Review: Are Decked Drawers Worth It?

I recently installed drawers in my Rebel truck. After spending the better part of the day fitting the drawers, and now a month into service with them, I’ve come to a few conclusions. These trays don’t come cheap, and they retail for $1,449.99, so they’re a great buy. But for the kind of truck stuff I do, it makes some sense.

Are decorative drawers useful?

Drawer installation | Dan Mayfield, MotorBiscuit

I recently had to go to a friend’s garage to catch a motorcycle ride. But I did need to bring my tools and some messy goodies, like carb cleaner and oil. Thinking ahead, I put my tools in the toolbox the kit came in and dumped the oil and rags in. The box is wide and a little hard to carry, but it holds plenty and slots right into the drawer. If it rattles, I can’t hear it.

For some off-road shenanigans. I’m looking forward to using the extra drawer capacity for some summer camping trips. However, the Ram Rebel has a lower payload rating due to the air suspension, and the deck trays weigh 400 pounds. It’s not hard to add a few hundred pounds to a truck, so I’ll keep an eye on it to make sure I don’t overload the truck.

And you feel that 400 lbs in bed during daily driving. The truck isn’t quite as nimble as it once was, but the extra weight seems to soften the ride on wash-away roads.

Ornate staircase
Drawer with surface pulled out | Dan Mayfield, MotorBiscuit

The decorative drawers retract about a foot from the rear door of the Ram 1500. They’re on rollers and slide in and out smoothly to a firm stop. The drawer latches are closed, so even if you forget to close the tailgate, your items won’t fall out on the first speed bump. Decked says they hold about 200 pounds each, but feel they’ll hold more. The metal knobs have a solid, positive feel.

How much weight can the decorative drawers hold?

Top drawers | decorated
The best way to measure a truck bed for accessories

The system says it can hold 2,000 lbs. I believe that. But, this load has to be spread out a bit. For example, the kickstand of a motorcycle will likely go through the top, so invest in some plywood if you want to hold a few things. But the drawers are flat and I can easily jump over them.

Overall, the decorative drawers that the company sent over for review work better than some of the other systems I’ve seen, if only because they’re wider. They also lock and glide easily on rollers. Camping trips this summer should be easier thanks to these drawers.

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