How Will the Ford Ranger Survive Until 2024?

Things aren’t looking too good for the Ranger in America, at least. In other countries, the new model is sold out in the blink of an eye. However, in the US, we got this year, and it’s barely hanging on.

When can you buy a 2023 Ford Ranger?

2023 Ford Ranger | stronghold

You can buy the 2023 model now, but you’d better hurry. Time is running out, order books are closing this week. Order banks for the 2023 Ranger opened in the summer, and we’re not sure how many sales have been made so far.

You can still order the Ranger through dealer inventory as long as the production dates correctly match the schedule.

Production of the current Ranger is coming to an end in preparation for the new model. The 2024 Ford Ranger may enter production in May 2023.

Also, you may not get a Ranger this year due to ongoing supply chain issues. If Ford can’t access your 2023 model year, you won’t receive any incentives to upgrade to the 2024 Ranger.

What are the potential Ranger 2023 problems?

The 2023 lags behind the competition and is often outpaced by other options like the Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, and Nissan Frontier. They either come last or bottom of the list in various rankings.

One of the issues for Sentinel 2023 may be convenience-related. He points out that the Ranger’s ride quality could be a deal breaker.

The Ranger has a bouncy, springy ride quality. The suspension is soft without enough damping force to keep you from feeling too bumpy in the cabin. A few of their team members got car sick.

It doesn’t have the best driving performance either. The ten-speed automatic transmission is sluggish and sluggish in low gear. Additionally, the steering is light and numb, while sensitive brakes often cause hard stopping that results in nose diving.

Plus, the 2023 Ranger features disruptive technology. The infotainment system could use more physical controls, and the climate controls have small, hard-to-read font. The system isn’t entirely intuitive either.

Is the 2023 Ford Ranger Redesigned?

2023 Ford Ranger redesigned
2023 Ford Ranger | stronghold

No, not the model redesigned in America. There’s a new Ford Ranger available in other countries, but it’s a little different than the 2024 Ranger that’s on the way.

The new Ranger in the US could feature slightly different looks, different engine options, and standalone tech features with distinct trim levels. However, for 2023, the Ranger gets some new color options.

The Ranger doesn’t sell well in America but needs to hold out for a few more months. Ford may struggle to port existing Ranger models as interest fades. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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