Content Marketing & Business Growth: Become A Publishing Powerhouse [Podcast]

Should you spend your time producing broad, generic content to fill in keyword gaps?
Or should you focus on what your business does best – relevant content?

The answer can turn your business into a content publishing powerhouse.

Brian Morrissey, founder of The Rebooting, joins me at the SEJ Show to share his publishing experiences, help you navigate a virtual crossroads, and unlock the key to turning your business into a sustainable growth machine.

One of the things I love most about what’s happening in publishing now is that more people are posting expert-level content. something amazing.– Brian Morrissey, 25:35

We are seeing a shift to the experts. It is very important. Publication opens.– Brian Morrissey, 23:06

Being able to talk about things like monthly recurring revenue, annual recurring revenue, being able to earn royalties from your published work, whether it’s a panel or a pixel or an article or a book, it’s kind of interesting it’s something we haven’t had until now.– Lauren Baker, 1:09:23

[00:00] A little history about Brian.
[7:53] How long has it been rebooted?
[12:45] – Did the epidemic proceed in the personal tracking of the publication?
[21:28] Should companies focus on a specific field or expand?
[22:16] – The transformation that is happening now.
[33:29] – What led to the return of specialized publications in general and are now returning to their roots?
[39:41] An example of a company moving from a broad field to a specialized one.
[44:13] Why media can be an excellent business.
[48:58] E-commerce content marketing tips.
[52:52] – Brian’s take on The New York Times’ takeover of Wirecutter.
[55:37] – Gateway to more revenue for publishers.
[57:49] Are people willing to pay for scarcity?
[59:28] – Brian’s opinion of content creators.
[1:05:35] Where is Web3 taking the publishing world?

Mentioned resources:
Reboot –

Everyone went crazy about social media and Facebook and tried to perfect that algorithm, and they kind of left behind like the original algorithm of the internet, which was SEO. – Brian Morrissey, 46:40

If you start investing in publishing today and writing about your industry in your space, you can be a leader in your field in a matter of years, even sooner. Lauren Baker, 20:00

Our minds are kind of shattered by the internet – we weren’t supposed to want to get this much information and try to make sense of it. There’s this move back to scarcity, and I think part of the appeal of newsletters is that they’re usually scarce.– Brian Morrissey, 16:41

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Brian Morrissey is a media executive who writes about the sustainable new media business at The Rebooting.

Previously, he was President/EIC of Digiday Media, a vertical media company. In addition to his extensive writing and editing experience, he has served on The White House Writers Group, AdWeek, Digital Magazine, Silicon Alley, and even reported on the crash.

He also interestingly calls himself a newspaper vendor out of an Orlando bakery.

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