The Death & Afterlife of Content Marketing [Podcast]

Trust is the most important factor in content marketing. But with all the updates happening now, will this continue, and will content marketing end soon?

Vitor Peçanha, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Rock Content, join me at SEJShow to discuss the future of content marketing.

We talked about the importance of branding in authoritative content (even in non-click searches), the “death” of content marketing, and the challenges and opportunities of building a global content marketing company.

Content marketing today is like going back to our roots and saying hey, you need to generate value. It is helpful to recognize this brand awareness so that people will remember you. Remember that brand, the positive perceptions of your brain, those are the feelings. So instead of saying, “Hey, here’s a lot of ads,” we’re going to build all of this by attracting people with excellent content. So it’s the same journey as before with new channels, formats and measurement methods.-Vitor Pichanha 48:03

SEO has a direct response marketing mindset. People say that an ad being viewed but not clicked is branding. With PR, if you get an article in the New York Times or Forbes discussing your brand, but it doesn’t link to you, I think the link builder or outreach person might be annoyed, but that’s a win. This is a trademark win.– Lauren Baker, 35:47

Brand is something that is hard to measure. It’s something I would say for the last 15 years. When you think about branding and what it’s like in content marketing, we have to make it clear that it’s not just demand generation, last click, and accurate attribution. You’re building huge traction, and you win the game when people search for your brand. – Vitor Pichanha, 43:30

[00:00] About Vitor & Rock Content’s mission
[04:23] – Acquisition of Rock content.
[07:48] Lessons learned in business acquisition.
[15:15] – How has Vitor’s useful content been updated?
[23:54] How important is content planning for awareness?
[36:39] How marketers determine brand gain.
[44:06] – One of the best successes of Veto in Brazil.
[46:12] – What is a “share search”?
[52:20] How to improve blogging in 2023.

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If you acquire a business, you don’t just get the revenue; You don’t just get their market share, you get their culture and their team. – Vitor Pichanha, 8:32

When we think about the customer journey, I would say; Ideally, you should be taking people to your media and domains on an ongoing basis. – Lauren Baker, 24:39

The important thing here is to scale your scope and think about content and SEO in terms of little if no link, but no value either. You have to believe I am building an online presence and reputation. If I can get people to go to my website because I can introduce a new concept, that’s a great strategy.– Vitor Pichanha, 33:17

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What Vetor does best is to bring global brands to new heights. He is an international speaker and co-founder of Rock Content. Rock Content, the world leader in content marketing, helps companies grow their brands and increase revenue.

Vitor’s leadership helped evolve Rock Content from a small startup in Brazil into a global powerhouse. Their global expansion strategy has been important to their success, causing them to invest heavily in new acquisitions.

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