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Best Press Release Distribution Services: 6 Important Features To Consider

Distribution of press releasesIt is a form of earned media, and is integral to managing reputation, brand exposure, and content marketing. It helps both large companies and small businesses gain a voice in their markets.

Press releases can be powerful, and working with experts can help remove a lot of the guesswork. However, it can be easy to waste your marketing budget if the distributor you choose is not suitable.

Public relations distribution service providers can help companies send press releases to a pre-existing list of media contacts and journalists or by posting the press release on various media sites. They can also help you connect with social networks, bloggers, and influencers.

To get the maximum return on your investment, there are six key features to consider when choosing a press release distribution partner.

1. The level of media attraction and exposure

Getting maximum exposure to and listening to the media are essential services anyway PR distribution company Should be able to deliver. Your ad can gain a good level of media traction if you use the right news with a good list of media, or a solid engagement system.

Achieving significant media traction depends on several factors, such as:

  • The credibility of media sites in capturing your news.
  • Optimize your press releases for relevant search terms.
  • The number of media sites displaying your PR.

Authority, trust and relevance are the three pillars of SEO. In other types of marketing channels, authority, relevance, and trust are key metrics. It can also affect the effectiveness of the press release distribution service.

Source: NewswireJet


Being featured on official media websites will influence your brand awareness and add credibility to your business in many ways. The news release is likely to be shared on other media sites, linked to relevant blog posts, and referenced as necessary.

Through our internal research, we’ve noticed that clients’ press releases are mentioned in blogs that cover relevant topics – this is what we call “re-engagement”.


How do you sing Christmas songs or play Christmas songs in June? This is how you explain relevance.

You must choose a Press release distribution service It can guarantee a great level of relevance to your news. When your PR is published on official media websites, your content will receive reading interest from the audience on the site, on Google News, and relevant search results on Google.

When you want to reach your target list of media sites and influencers, avoid the temptation to send them your press release first. tool like PRBean They can help you get this done efficiently and affordably.


People interact more when trust is high. Choose a press release distribution service that helps you publish your news on sites with a distinct level of trust. Corporate press releases are considered authentic and gain more confidence when published using the appropriate PR distribution company.

Every business deserves to have a voice. This should not be the exclusive right of companies with deep pockets. Hand out your press release at 10% off NewswireJet using coupon “DEAL”.

2. Quick brand exposure in one click

The brand shapes the human perception of attractiveness and intimacy. Brands become assets by enhancing consumer loyalty, which directly affects their perception of the brand.

A press release distribution service like helps spread positive stories about your business across the web and, most notably, to the first page of Google with its vast and powerful media sharing platform.

comments Oladimeji Oke, Chief Marketing Officer, Inc B Sparks. “At BeeSparks, we have seen that our suite of solutions help customers gain trust, brand exposure and increase conversion.”

The Best Press Release Distribution Services: 6 Important Features to Consider

Source: NewswireJet

When a press release is published, it is expected that it will appear on several major media sites and be indexed immediately. Fast indexing is a positive signal on a media site’s trust level, which directly affects how well it appears on SERPs for relevant search queries.

Getting backlinks from trusted media sites effectively increases rankings and boosts your website authority and brand appeal. We’ve seen increased demand from SEO experts and PR agencies who have learned to use press release distribution to improve the distribution of client texts and referral domains.

3. Option to write an expert press release

The success of your press release campaign begins with your content. Finding the right angle is vital to creating a buzz from what might seem like an ordinary story. An expert press release writer knows how to find, educate, and optimize the perfect news angle for SEO.

to choose Public Relations Distribution Service With a team of expert press release writers that will give you an edge in crafting the perfect press release. At the same time, you focus on other vital parts of your business.

Few news services charge as much as $350 for a standard press release, and this has, in a sense, prompted some companies to write the press releases themselves. Newswire Gate Offers a complete solution that includes PR distribution and PR writing. The demand for the service has increased as more people are availing themselves of expert PR writing team working for them at very low cost.

NewswireJet believes that every company deserves to have a voice. This should not be the exclusive right of companies with deep pockets. Hand out your press release at 10% off using coupon “DEAL”.

4. Fast and reliable customer support

The speed between a support ticket and a helpful response can be a critical game-changer in your PR campaign.

The news industry is a bit slow in providing quick responses to customer inquiries, which affects how quickly you can request changes or get answers to important questions.

The Best Press Release Distribution Services: 6 Important Features to Consider

Source: NewswireJet

On average, it can take 18 to 24 hours for most news stories to respond to inquiries – even when you need to get quick feedback to hit the “publish” button. If getting a quick response is critical to you, then just choose the news service with multiple communication channels and quick response.

Newswire Gate It takes pride in the quality support available to its customers, helping them solve problems and answering their queries far above the competition. When you need to send a press release within hours, and need a quick response, you’ll understand the difference a quick response can make.

5. Extensive and impressive media coverage

Distribution of press releases It is not just about sending press releases to journalists. It also includes the ability to gain as much online exposure with a press release distribution service as can truly deliver.

If a press release appears on several media sites with a tangible audience level, brand visibility will increase dramatically over time.

Before choosing a PR distribution service, make sure you are getting the best value for your money in terms of coverage. The more premium media sites that can capture your news, the better impact your ad will have. Don’t do this at the expense of quality.

A reliable service provider should also ensure that press releases are indexed quickly. Doing so will ensure that your audience sees the latest information about your company while searching for relevant keywords online. At the same time, journalists can easily interact with your ad when they need to report on similar topics.

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