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3 Overlooked Ways To Improve Inbound Marketing ROI

Do you have big campaign goals but a small team or budget?

Are you trying to do more with less in your campaigns?

Do you wish your leads were worth your team’s time?

When determining the ideal inbound lead process, it is not enough to create a lead and hope for the best when it moves further into the inbound process.

On April 20th, I moderated a webinar with CallRail’s guest, Ron Browning, CEO of Intellibright.

Discuss techniques and case studies to increase campaign ROI with minimal effort and cost.

He also showed how to increase the quality of leads using unique techniques often overlooked by companies with poorly performing lead management systems.

Here is a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, Complete the application.

1. Pilot process flowchart

Identifying and resolving business process issues is the most important part of building meaningful relationships with potential customers.

It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate; If there is a broken process, it will not produce an ideal return.

IntelliBright, April 2022

When you optimize the processes upfront, it will generate more sales than the existing traffic.

Benefits of a master process flowchart:

  • Increase conversions.
  • Improved efficiency – all campaigns.
  • Attribute the appropriate source.
  • Better analytics and reporting integrity.

[Discover how many new opportunities were discovered within an email process] Instant access to the webinar →

2. Create an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Convert incoming phone calls into data, filter non-profit calls, and improve revenue opportunities with IVR.

You can also identify actual phone leads and corresponding sources.

To track results, you will need:

  • phone number on your website.
  • Enter a dynamic number (DNI), which allows you to easily capture paid campaign data.
  • To highlight opportunities and other call types (HR, accounting, etc.).

[Learn how easy this is to implement] Instant access to the webinar →

Benefits of creating an IVR:

  • Track sales calls and corresponding sources – Show value and record all calls.
  • Collect data for all incoming calls (offline and online sources).
  • Increase sales conversions by filtering nonprofit calls away from sales.

How to create an IVR list:

  • Craft a compelling introduction – use a professional voice actor.
  • Decide which items to track – sales, service calls, and hiring.
  • Filter non-sale opportunities.
  • Set up notifications/alerts.

[Uncover how an organization went from 0 to 260 scheduled appointments in a single month] Instant access to the webinar →

3. Track call conversions

Tracking allows you to optimize campaigns and get results based on TRUE Chances of incoming calls.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of advanced telephony to identify internal callers interested in revenue-generating events via the IVR option.

This can be applied to all sources of incoming calls, whether online or offline.

Benefits of call tracking:

  • Enhanced campaign optimization – filtering of existing customers, employees, suppliers, robocalls, etc.
  • Get a fixed real cost per conversion.

[Get the steps to effectively track and tag your inbound calls] Instant access to the webinar →

[Slides] 3 Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Inbound Marketing ROI

Here is the presentation:

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