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6 Ways Marketers Are Using Interactive Emails To Win More Conversions

Do you use email marketing to communicate with your customers?

Are you getting the open rates, response rates, and conversions you expected?

If you remember the emails you received when you created your first email address, you may have noticed that those old emails weren’t much different from the emails you receive today.

While the Internet has evolved from static web pages to interactive experiences, email has not.

This is where you can gain a competitive advantage.

If you relate to any of the challenges below, we’ll show you how to pivot and beat your competition through interactive emails.

Common conversion challenges for email marketers

The challenges of email marketing are similar across the board, whether you’re B2B or B2C, or if you’re selling a product or service.

To make a conversion, email marketers who use traditional email marketing across all industries must find a way around the following challenges:

  • Will your email reach the subscriber’s inbox or spam folder?
  • Will your email subject line entice subscribers to open it?
  • Will the content of the email convince the subscriber to take action?

If you can get customers most of the time through your funnel, you don’t want them to run into a hurdle that prevents them from converting.

The same can be said about your email funnel.

If you can get subscribers to open your emails, the last thing you want to do is lose them before converting because:

  • The email link has taken too long to redirect to your webpage.
  • Web page graphics and interactive elements took a long time to load.
  • They were distracted by something else on your website.

How interactive emails solve challenges and increase conversions

Mailmodo’s interactive AMP emails remove the need for subscribers to click through to your website, e-commerce store, or other app to complete a call-to-action to convert.

By removing this extra step, can convert faster.

With Melmodothe The call-to-action can be completed within the subscriber’s inbox.

You don’t have to worry about how the journey goes from email to your website.

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