3 Reasons the Subaru Baja Should Return

Before there were Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz pickups, there was the Subaru Baja. The Baja was made from 2002 through 2006, and at the end it was a bit of a flop. But, with the resurgence of compact pickup trucks, might now be a good time for Subaru in its modern form?

Why did Subaru Baja stop production?

Since Baja wasn’t a good seller, it decided to cancel its pickup truck in 2006. At the time, it was fairly expensive but didn’t offer the kind of equipment consumers would expect for its MSRP.

It just didn’t resonate with the buying public. However, the market seems to have changed now. And maybe a quirky Subaru pickup truck could do just fine.

The new Baja will have standard all-wheel drive

If you are familiar with the Subaru brand, you know that most of its vehicles come standard with AWD. This means you get power going to all four wheels with an equal 50/50 split. Currently, pickups such as the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz offer AWD. But it is an option for which you have to pay an additional fee.

Subaru Baja | IFCAR

Additionally, Subaru vehicles have been designed from the ground up to come with this feature. This can improve the overall functionality of the AWD system. Plus, you don’t have to worry about paying extra for it.

The Subaru truck will be quirky

There is no getting around it. It’s a crooked truck. It looks funny, and the interior is full of weird little features. The Baja may not have been particularly practical, but that didn’t stop people from buying a car in the past.

According to some possible perceptions, a new Subaru truck isn’t likely to look exotic. It kind of evokes the look of Santa Cruz, which has sharp lines.

America needs more pickup trucks

In a world full of oversized pickup trucks, the more pickups, the better. These models offer better fuel economy, are practical in urban environments, and are also cheaper. With the average new truck transaction costing over $60,000, being able to get the benefit of a pickup truck for under $30,000 is great.

A Subaru, Baja pickup truck sitting in a parking lot.
Subaru Baja | IFCAR

Sure, you might give up some abilities. But, according to him, most truck owners don’t do the truck stuff. In fact, hauling and towing things with a truck is fairly rare.

So, why pay more for a capacity you won’t actually use? Well, America is a free country, and if we want the surplus, we can have it. But it’s nice to have a truck priced like an economy car, even if a new Subaru pickup is more expensive than a car like the Ford Maverick.

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