What Is a ‘Regular Cab’ Pickup Truck?

Have you heard pickup lovers refer to the “normal cab” and confused as to what exactly they mean? “Regular cab” is classic slang for a two-door pickup truck with no rear seats. It is also called the standard cab. The name made more sense when a two-door single-seat van was the default pickup configuration, and a four-door “” four-door was a rare option. But today, regular taxis make up a small portion of pickup truck sales.

What does regular cab mean?

A regular cab pickup truck has two doors and one row of seats ( ). This seat is most often a bench seat with three seat belts, but a regular cab truck can also have two bucket seats. You may also hear it called a standard cab truck. It used to be the “standard” or “normal” option, but now it’s a rarity.

: 3% of trucks were ordered with a regular cab. Meanwhile, cabs accounted for 85% of 2020 truck sales. The remainder were extended cabs or smaller four-doors.

Then, learn what’s meant or watch the modern regular cab truck reviewed in the video below:

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