3 of the Coolest Features of Rivian’s Amazon Electric Delivery Van

If you’ve ordered anything from Amazon recently, you may have noticed a new one outside of where you live. That’s because in recent months, the company has been rolling out a new Amazon delivery truck. It’s the Amazon Electric Delivery Truck.

Does Amazon have a new delivery truck?

Amazon is in the process of introducing a new delivery truck. In 2019, the company announced that it was making a major investment in Rivian. Rivian may be best known for its electric pickup, but it’s also responsible for the Rivian EDV.

He started working for Amazon last year. There are more and more models taking to the streets. The full order for 100,000 electric delivery trucks is expected to be fulfilled by 2030. This is a slight delay from the initial date, which was supposed to be 2024. Despite this, there are still some nice features worth noting about the delivery Amazon van.

1. The Rivian EDV looks nice

If you’ve seen this electric delivery truck on the street, you’ve probably noticed its appearance. Rivian’s goal was to design a car that feels like home in the neighborhoods it serves. And honestly, I think they pulled it off. The headlights look happy, and you can clearly see the Amazon logo all over it.

Rivian EDV | Amazon

In fact, you can’t be blamed for thinking Amazon built this car themselves. You won’t see the Rivian logo in prominent places like you’d expect. After seeing this car in the flesh, the circular LED daytime running lights stand out like soft curves.

2. Standard Amazon delivery truck

The Rivian EDV benefits from a unique modular design. Currently there are two different versions known as EDV700 and EDV500. The larger of the two can hold up to 700 cubic feet of cargo, while the smaller can handle 500 cubic feet. Hence the names.

The Rivian Amazon delivery truck shows off its unique design in the city.
Rivian EDV | Rivian

This is done with removable modular body panels to accommodate more cargo. In addition, it means that the repair is easier. Suppose, if the front bumper is damaged, it can simply be swapped backwards at the home base.

3. Form follows function

At the end of the day, Rivian EDV is a delivery vehicle. It is important to work with those who lead it. According to the driver’s seat comfortable enough to handle a day’s work. In addition, the seat and steering wheel are heated, and this should help with cold-weather deliveries.

Rivian Amazon truck driving in the city.
Rivian Amazon Van | Amazon
2022 Rivian Amazon Delivery Van Skateboard Chassis

The cargo area is designed to be easy to navigate. They are intended for carrying containers that Amazon uses to carry packages. Most design features are generally designed to ensure that packages are delivered safely and quickly. This is something Amazon customers have come to expect from the company.

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