Is This ’87 Nissan Hardbody With Only 1,100 Miles Better Than a New Ford Maverick

This brand new 1987 Hardbody pickup truck just hit the BAT auction site. It could offer a unique, cheap and fun way to get into the pickup truck segment with $7,000 worth of bids submitted so far. We expect the price to go up, but not to the level of the new Maverick, the Tacoma,. And that’s the point, who wants one of those new replacements when you can be cruising around town in an old Nissan Hardbody that’s practically new?

Why this Nissan Hardbody truck has such low mileage

Nissan Hardbody Minitruck 1987 | paddle

Before we get too far, the reason this 1,100-miler is ignored is because the Colorado Springs owner rarely uses it. But instead of an outdoor retreat, she’s shared the space with a classic Corvette variety. In that environment, it was seen as a collectible souvenir preserved to the same degree as the Vettes.

Some great aftermarket components start with the matching body color bed cover. In addition, the truck has fog lights, speakers and a towing package. There is also a tow ball connector and trailer lights, as well as another useful feature. Although there is no all-wheel drive, we do like some of the factory details.

Nissan Hardbody
Nissan Hardbody Minitruck 1987 | paddle

Those 14-inch steel wheels were one of the first things upgraded, but it’s a welcome detail. Power comes from a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with factory fuel injection. This gives the Japanese truck 106 hp and 137 lb-ft of torque. As for today, the Carfax is as clean as the truck itself.

But don’t think you can jump into it and bring it home. Because it’s still new, everything original is still there. That means the tires, belts and hoses are 36 years old. You definitely should. Contains original motor oil as well. And while you’re at it, there are probably a few gaskets and other bits that dried out.

Some things need to be replaced even with low mileage

Nissan Hardbody
Nissan Hardbody Minitruck 1987 | paddle

This also applies to the fuel system. You should boil the gas tank, blow compressed air through the fuel lines, rebuild the fuel injection system, and replace the fuel pump. That old gas could have gone bad from sitting around that long.

The same goes for the brakes. Flushing out the old brake fluid and replacing the rubber for the wheel cylinders at the rear should be mandatory. This ancient liquid can and will attract water from moisture in the atmosphere.

Nissan Hardbody
Nissan Hardbody Minitruck 1987 | paddle

But these are relatively small needs in the whole scheme of things. The metallic gray body looks as pristine as it does the inside. The seats have covers, so the original seat upholstery barely had a propeller connection. This cute AM/FM cassette unit gives those old tapes you’ve been storing in the garage some new significance. With the 5-speed manual transmission, it should be a much-needed kick and deflection for your slushbox transmission.

If we convince you, go ahead and make an offer. We don’t just see how the new Ford Maverick compares to the classic cool of the new 1987 Nissan pickup.

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