1 Pickup Truck Is the Least Reliable Hybrid of 2022, According to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is a trusted source for accurate information on the latest cars. The site recently released the results of its survey of the most and least reliable cars for 2022. BMW, Toyota, and. Hybrid cars occupy one of the most reliable segments. However, this does not mean that every model is a winner. Here’s a roundup of some of the most reliable cars for 2022—and a pickup truck hybrid you might want to avoid—according to the.

Consumer Reports’ 2022 mixed reliability ratings

Consumer Reports data shows that hybrid cars were the most reliable last year. SUVs are also some of the most reliable cars you can buy, although CR says non-hybrid sports cars are more reliable.

He hasn’t collected long-term ownership data yet. However, the site can still make reliability predictions based on data from extensive road testing.

For the 2021 model, CR results indicated that the F-150 Hybrid’s power equipment may give drivers some trouble. The truck is also more prone to rattling while in motion, in addition to some major transmission problems. CR says he should be aware of potential braking issues and hiccups from the car’s electronics while he owns it.

In addition, road testing of the Ford F-150 Hybrid revealed potential climate control problems. Although the air conditioning worked adequately, the Lariat’s heated steering wheel failed to provide enough warmth. The steering wheel can be challenging to control thanks to its weight, and the CR also wished for a more stable ride.

Furthermore, it has a high step height and fuel economy that is below average for its class. Testers said the transition from electric to gas isn’t always the easiest. Even so, CR was still impressed with the hybrid truck’s 600 miles of range (gas and electric combined).

CR also complimented the Ford F-150 Hybrid for its quiet crew cabin. Although interior quality varies between models, each features the easy-to-use Sync 4 infotainment system.

What is the most reliable hybrid for 2022?


If you want to save on gas and repair bills, CR recommends the Toyota Corolla Hybrid instead. The compact car may be slower than the hybrid van, but it got 59 mpg on the highway while driving in the real world. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid’s powertrain generates just 138 horsepower combined, but testers were still satisfied with the sedan’s well-balanced handling.

CR also concluded that the car has a smoother ride than the Ford F-150 Hybrid. Unfortunately, the Corolla has a continuously variable transmission (CVT) and a lot of outside noise seeps into the cabin. Also, the back row isn’t very snug, and each seat feels very low to the ground.

In addition, the Toyota Corolla Hybrid cannot be compared to the Ford F-150 Hybrid in terms of cargo and towing capacity. The 2023 pickup is rated to tow up to 12,700 pounds when properly equipped.

With an empty bed, it could get 25 mpg city/highway. It’s not a bad hybrid pickup truck when in good condition, but potential buyers should watch out.

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