1 Part of Their Truck That Ford F-150 Lightning Owners Are Least Happy With

It is one of the most popular automakers in terms of trucks, and like many other automakers, Ford is moving towards. One way the Detroit automaker is doing it is by releasing electric versions of its popular models, case in point. However, the Ford F-150 Lightning is by no means a perfect electric truck, and here’s a look at what its owners love the least.

Ford F-150 Lightning | stronghold

What JD Power’s owner survey revealed about the Ford F-150 Lightning

Just like many other auto critics, he sends out surveys to verified owners that will give the site some insight into what actual owners think of their cars. This survey is great because it surveys thousands of verified owners, each of whom must have owned their car for at least 90 days, thus making sure they’ve put in some miles. The main part of the study asks owners to rank their cars into 10 categories. The higher the ranking, the better.

Do well in a few important areas. The highest-rated area of ​​an electric truck is its exterior design. This is an important area for good performance, as drivers typically want to drive a good-looking car.

Drivers also loved the Lightning’s performance, as the electric motors allow the truck to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. Seeing style and performance at the top of the list is certainly heartening for Ford.

These are the areas owners didn’t like about the Ford F-150 Lightning

At the other end of the spectrum, there have been some surprising results as to what owners didn’t like about Lightning. In third-to-last place was the Entry and Exit class, which makes sense since the Lightning is still a full-size pickup truck. Like many other full-size pickup trucks, it is large and can be physically difficult to ride.

Second to worst was the Ford truck’s infotainment system. This is surprising because Lightning contains . The truck comes with a 12-inch touch screen as well as a 12-inch digital instrument panel. Owners can upgrade the touchscreen to a 15.5-inch screen. Owners didn’t like the truck’s infotainment system, though, and that may have something to do with its usability.

The only part of Lightning that scored the worst is more surprising. Owners rated the electric van’s fuel economy last.

This is surprising because the Lightning is a true EV, and as such, it doesn’t guzzle gas at all. As a result, its economy is certainly better than regular trucks, but there may be a logical reason why owners don’t like this area of ​​the Lightning.

Surprisingly, owners didn’t like the Ford F-150 Lightning’s fuel economy


While it’s true that the Lightning is an EV and therefore, it won’t guzzle gas, technically it’s still a gas guzzler. Instead of burning gas or diesel, Lightning’s preferred fuel is electricity, and there is a limited amount of electricity stored in it. As a result, Lightning owners likely won’t be happy with how electric the truck is.

Just like an ordinary truck, Lightning’s efficiency is relatively low, mainly due to its size and power. Despite the fact that the truck starts off with a massive 98kWh battery, it only has an efficiency rating of 49.4kWh per 100 miles, giving the truck a standard range of just 230 miles.

Owners can upgrade their battery to their own 131 kWh battery, and that will improve the truck’s range to 320 miles. Ford may want to consider trying to improve the F-150 Lightning’s base range, since that’s clearly an area consumers want improvement.

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