Remember Rear-Hinged Pickup Truck Doors? Ram Is Bringing Them Back

There was a time when you could order most pickups with an extended cab that had rear-hinged doors. Over the years, the rear-hinged four-door cabs were replaced by smaller rear-door cabs. But now Ram is bringing them back with its electric pickup truck concept.

The Ram Revolution is a preview of the 2024 Ram electric pickup truck

Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

Ram introduced the “Revolutionary” electric truck concept at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Awards. This truck is a preview of what might be possible with a battery electric pickup truck.

More compact than a conventional internal combustion engine, it changes the way pickup trucks can be shaped. For example, the small size of the Revolution electric motors allowed Ram to move the firewall forward four inches. The resulting cabin is so large it has a third row of jump seats.

Another example is that the Ram Revolution has a single-level, bumper-to-bumper load floor. You can drop the middle gate and open a “passage hatch” between the cab and the trunk to load items up to 18 feet in length.

The Ram Revolution features rear-hinged rear doors

The rear-hinged rear doors of the Ram Revolution EV electric pickup truck.
Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

The front doors of the Ram Revolution are regular, front-hinged pickup doors. But the rear doors, for access to the second and third row of seats, are rear-hinged.

In addition, the Ram Revolution has no B-pillar. So when you open its front and rear doors, you create a huge hole in the side of the truck. This helps remove the seats or center console and increase the loading space opening the length of the truck. to me :

The doors have been reimagined into a large saloon-style opening that displays a vacant passenger space without a B-pillar.

Ram revolution press release

The Ram revolution doesn’t bring back the rear-hinged minivan doors from the extended cab minivans. It uses rear-hinged doors to create an entirely new type of truck cab.

The Ram’s rear-hinged doors may or may not go into production

Ram Revolution concept truck grille
Ram Revolution 1500 Concept | stellants

The Ram Revolution shown at CES is a typical truck. While the automaker aims to bring an electric pickup truck to market by 2024, it could be very different from the first Ram 1500 Revolution.

Will the Ram’s rear-hinged rear doors make it into production? Maybe. It’s part of the truck design that Ram could have done with the fifth-generation pickup: It doesn’t depend on the truck being electric at all.

On the other hand, automakers teased concept vehicles that never made it into production. Take Lincoln, for example. Since the 1960s Continental was known for its rear-hinged doors, this automaker often releases modern concept cars with rear-hinged doors but hasn’t made one yet.

Then, find out how or watch the concept for yourself in the video below:

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