Why Do Some Ford Trucks Have 2 Fuel Tanks?

Why Do Some Ford Trucks Have 2 Fuel Tanks? Although not all of this is common today, past capture can be found on a regular basis with two separate gas tanks. If you’re familiar with it, this is probably something you already knew. Before the majority of pickup trucks turned into one tank, two gas tanks helped do legitimate truck things. So why exactly do trucks use this feature, and what trucks can you buy with two gas tanks?

Why Do Some Ford Trucks Have 2 Fuel Tanks?

Why do trucks have two gas tanks?

In the past, other manufacturers used a dual gas tank system out of necessity. When it comes to towing, your pickup truck will use more fuel. Having two gas tanks means continuous power, and the engines can run better under load. These systems are usually found on older Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 models.

To have two separate gas tanks is the easiest to install. Finding a place for a large tank requires some serious engineering. So, why not make things easier? Plus, with two tanks, you know there’s a backup fuel supply. And when trucks were so inefficient, it was almost a necessity.

What are the new trucks that have two gas tanks?

Dual gas tanks are a rarity these days, but there are some new trucks that offer this setup. Accordingly, you can get the Chevy Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD chassis cabs with two gas tanks. In fact, both trucks have three different fuel tank options. Although it’s not like a chassis, it’s something the average truck buyer is looking for.

GMC Chassis | GMC

The dual gas tanks of these pickup trucks are from the previous generation. This means that this diesel truck is one of the last trucks you can buy with this feature. For buyers who need a car that can get some serious work done, this might be something worth considering.

Why Do Some Ford Trucks Have 2 Fuel Tanks?

Are double tanks useful?

The utility of a truck with two fuel tanks is negotiable. On the other hand, you can get better weight distribution and peace of mind with some spare fuel. At the same time, it can make things like putting on the spare tire a little inconvenient. Moreover, it adds complexity to the fuel system.

An old Ford truck is in a parking lot, and it may have double fuel tanks.
Ford Truck | PA Images via Getty Images

When it’s time to fill up, you’ll have to deal with filling two different tanks of gas if you want your truck to be at full capacity. So, it makes sense why Ford and other brands decided to switch to a single tank of fuel.

At the end of the day, though, when brands like Ford do something with a tank of fuel, it’s kind of cool. And if you’re lucky enough to own something like an old Ford pickup, it might be a feature you’ve come to appreciate. After all, it shows how old the car you’re actually driving is.

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