What Is the Cheapest BMW SUV You Can Buy?

The BMW name alone calls to mind sports cars and SUVs with a style and handling that distinguish them. But these are premium cars and, and that means they’re priced to match their maneuverability and sumptuous leather-trimmed interior. But they’re not all million dollar vehicles, in fact it’s been redesigned for 2023 and offers quite a lot for under $40,000.

The BMW X1 is the most affordable BMW SUV

A 2023 BMW X1 | BMW

For 2023, BMW’s most affordable SUV, the BMW xDrive28i, scored . In that redesign, the X1 gained a couple of inches in length and width. That extra size doesn’t just mean more room inside—although it does mean that, it also means the smallest BMW SUV gains a bit more handling as well. Unfortunately, it also now has the largest bean grille ever fitted to an X1, which looks outsized at the front.

. It’s also rated at 28 mpg city, 34 mpg highway, pretty impressive numbers considering this is an all-wheel drive SUV.

New for 2023, xDrive is standard, which now means all-wheel drive as well. Most people skipped the two-wheel-drive versions of older models anyway. The $2,300 M Sport package is now more of a cosmetic package, though it comes with BMW’s adaptive suspension that keeps it a little better attached to the road during hard cornering.

As for the car, the BMW 230i is the cheapest

A purple BMW 230i on a racetrack
The 2023 BMW 230i is both fun and efficient for under $40,000
How many SUV models does BMW have?

It starts at $38,200, or just $600 less than the SUV. While it’s known for its lively handling, with a 255-horsepower four-cylinder, it’s a small car. That means it has a backseat that isn’t great for anyone bigger than a gymnast or jockey.

That said, you don’t buy a 230i because it can carry a whole sheet of plywood in the back (it can’t). You buy it to blast the mountain roads and to spice up your commute.

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